Can you handle more?

I doubt it.  =)    Anywho, I figured since I took all that time to fill out the bio interview for Annie at the day after yesterday I had better make sure that the info was saved for posterity.


Jewell  =) xo


Name: Jewell  =)  Duh!

Age: 30 *cough* *snort* *sniffle* -ish

Height: Most days...4'5 or so (I sit on my ass a lot y'all)

Location: Middle of Nowhere, Missouri, USA


Significant others: The husband him

What do you secretly dream about doing for a living?:
Writing! I've dreamt about being a writer for as long as I can remember! Like any person who wants to write a book, the goal is to write The Great American novel (at least for most of the Americans in the crowd anyway), but I don't shoot that high - I'd be thrilled with NY Times Top 20.  =) 

What are you a self-declared expert at?:
Well nothing really...I'm kinda like a handyman in that I know a little about a lot.  Or, to be a little more exact - I know just enough to be dangerous! =)

What can't you seem to get enough of?: Sleep!!!!!!!  Well that and original is that?!

What kinds of people are you drawn to?: Weird, funny, strong, independent, loving....crap! What kind of writer am I that I ran out of adjectives. Oh well, this should give you a good idea.  In the event that no such person exists, though, the kind of person I would then be drawn to would have 4 legs and fur.

Favourite colour: Previously - rich, emerald green.  Currently - rich, wine colored purple. Only rich colors for me....nothing pastel!  *blech*

What pets do you have?: 3 cats, 1 ghost cat, 1 big dumb diva of a dog, and 1 huge nag of a horse. =)

If money was no problem, where would you go on holiday?: Ok, well see that's just not a fair question.  I won't get on a plane, and I won't be cooped up with people on a boat, so where I WANT to go on holiday is completely different from where I would likely end up going on holiday!  =-p   Where I WANT to go?  Ireland (heredity), England (riding motorcycles and terrorizing the countryside with Annie), and Australia (to
visit one of my bestest internet friends EVER!). Where would I end up? Probably in Colorado to visit my BFF from college since I haven't seen her in 9-ish years.

What was your proudest moment?: Well, that's a silly question. Winning the caption contest of course! I've never won anything! EV-AH!  Outside of that I guuuuesssss I am obligated to say it would be my wedding day.  =)  *snicker*

What's your favourite movie?: Ghost, What Dreams May Come (Hmmmm - sensing a theme here!)   Generally I don't watch movies much because I don't have the patience to sit that long. So if those 2 titles don't give you a hint as to the themes that interest me it should give you an idea of the last time I probably watched a full length movie.  =)

Have you ever lived in other places, if so where?: If you mean someplace wild and exotic like the Caribbean or something - nope.  I'm square like that.  If you mean in the country, well, I grew up in Illinois, met the husband him on the internet (before it was the internet) and moved to Las Vegas, and now out in the Middle of Nowhere, Missouri.

What do you consider your biggest achievement?: Is this a trick question?  Hmmmm - winning Annie's contest. Really, my life truly IS this boring folks...I'm not joking.

What things annoy you?: Ummm - I'm beginning to think that this is a form questionnaire. I mean really, if you've read my blog at all you would learn that pretty much everything annoys me.  If someone is breathing too loudly - REALLY annoying! A politician who's breathing at all - mind numbingly annoying!

What hobbies do you have?: Who the hell has time for hobbies?  Didn't I say above ^^^^^^ something about not getting enough sleep.  Well I guess I would have to say that writing is a hobby since I'm not getting paid for my services (drat!!), but a close second would have to be photography though I'm not what anyone would consider - GOOD!

Name the three websites you visit most often (excluding blogs!): *snort* work is based on internet news sources, so pick a news website.  Any one. Around the US or the world...  I've probably been there more times than even my browser can count in a day, week, month, year. =)

Have you ever broken any bones (if yes, how?): No!  Thankfully!

What car do you drive?: I drive a 4x4 pickup (really!) and a Ford Five-Hundred.  It depends on how hot it is outside, what I need to carry, how long the drive is...blah blah blah.  Just say the sounds way cooler, and I need me some cool!  =)

What car would you like if money were no object?: OMG!  Well I have 2 and 1 that isn't really a car!  So, in no particular order, a Tesla Roadster (because I'm all for looking cool and doing my part to help the environment), 1957 corvette stingray convertible (the absolute only corvette worth anything in my book), and of course a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.  (Can you tell I've thought about that one before?

What are you going to do once you have finished this questionnaire?: Get a hand massage...Whew!  Ok, well I'll probably work some more (since that's all I ever do), then I might work on putting a post together for the blog to show off my kinda sort ok pictures from the long weekend.  Nah - screw it!  A hand massage sounds waaaay more relaxing!

What are you doing this coming weekend?:
Ummmm....?   Hell I don't know what I am doing 10 minutes from now, and can't remember what I did 10 minutes ago...I'm pretty much the wrong person to ask this question of.

Please give one random fact about yourself:  To quote Popeye, "I y'am who I y'am!"  (At least I think it was Popeye, if not it sounds good!)  I am 100% as I seem online.  I don't see the point in being anything or anyone other than who I am.  Dr Seuss said, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."  Seems like pretty flawless advice to me. =)    (Oh!
Here's another little fact...I'm a quote whore!)  =)