Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Media Hilarity - 12/7/2011

    Man Steals Sandwich, Uses Stolen Forklift As Getaway did that work out for you genius??  *rolls eyes*  

    10-year-old pulls gun on woman who tried to take his Halloween candy?    And this is why our world is going to hell.  Our kids are going all wild, wild west on people over candy.

    Woman Burns Down Friend’s House For Defriending Her on Facebook    Shit!  Seriously?  I'd rather just leave Facebook than deal with the chances of that bullshit coming my way.  And I know some pretty crazy ass people.  As in really not all that right in the head.  Yeah.  I'll leave FB just put your matches away people!

    Toilet paper fight sparks axe attack    Ok...a fight I can understand I guess using an axe if it's handing for defense purpose, but seriously?  A fight over missing toilet paper?  Isn't that like taking a grenade launcher to a pillow fight? 

    Man hospitalised with bullet in anus    And I am just going to let you guys read this one.  The article conveys WAY more disturbing shit than I could ever begin to dream of.  Damn!

Happy day folks!!!  =)

Jewell  =) xo

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