Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey! Look At Me! Shameless Self Promotion Time!

Ok...so Tuesday's around these parts have pretty much fallen by the wayside.  It's not my fault.  The husband him is a brutal slave driver when it comes to work and *gasp* hard labor.  Shit.  I hate hard labor.  It interferes with my ability to properly produce flab in my ass.  *sigh*  I live such an abused life.  *snort*


In case you missed out on the ginormous announcement, my new photography website is up and running.  I've been trying to write at least one blog post a week.  It's hard to blog once a week when you actually need to think of something to say.  =)  Especially when, like me, you tend to read a post to death for a couple hours before you actually post it because you want to make absotively sure that the bloody thing doesn't make you look like an illiterate douche-ess.  It hasn't really worked that well as I've managed to find gaffs in posts after I've hit the "publish" button.  I actually blame that bit on WordPress.  I'm positive that once the "publish" button is clicked it says, "Muwahahaha...let's fuck with her" and then proceeds to change some small piddly shit thing like "the" to "thee".  I swear WordPress makes the fucking insane autocorrect on my cell phone look like an Ivy League scholar.

Drop by for a visit.

You are all invited.

You will need to bring your own refreshments though as the refrigerator hasn't been delivered yet.  Suck it up!

Have a snoop.

Leave a comment.

Also, the site has a badge.  Look to the sidebar.  Over there.  NO!  *face palm*  Over THERE!  Ok.  Well maybe down a little bit.  No!  Not that far.  Back up.  Up.  Ok...THERE!   See?  I have it there for your viewing pleasure. So if you feel a wild hair wiggling loose that tells you to add the code to pimp my site....follow it's advice.  No really.  Follow it's advice and I won't tell the guys with the white hug yourself coats and the padded van where you live.  =)  I await your request for the badge code.  =)

Here's the latest blog post....  Rest Your Head In The Clouds   Go read it.  You know you want to.  Did I mention "Leave a comment?"  No?  Ok.  Leave a comment.  I suck at subliminal messaging.

You can also like my photography Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter and on Google+.  Pick a combination, any combination...you are invited everywhere I am.

Oh...and because this happens to be a blog post about shameless self promotion I'm throwing in an obligatory photo.  Oh stop groaning.  My pictures aren't that bad.  The voices in my head tell me every day that I'm bloody fucking awesome.  Well, actually maybe it's more like every 3rd day.  The other days they are suspiciously quiet.

Whatever.  Here's the picture.  I've been trying for a really long time to get this shot, or at least a shot on the camera that matched that I had in mind.  I finally got it. 

Jewell  =)  xo

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