Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Media Hilarity - 10/26/11

    Burglars Stumble Upon Man's Child Porn Stash, Turn Him In    And who says there isn't honor among thieves??  .....???

    Owners baffled by theft of 50-foot-long PA bridge    Yeah...I can see why this might cause a bit of confusion.  Seriously though, I am a bit envious of their sense of dedication.

    Man falls out of Porta-Potty after heroin overdose    And if this isn't this guy's rock bottom, it would probably, at the very least, be ranked as one of his most embarrassing moments.  #Epic #Fail #Moron

    Authorities say woman mistakenly texted deputy to sell drugs    Wow!  This po-po had a wicked awesome day on the job!  If it were only this easy all the time!

And from the ever entertaining Twitter feed...

    AP - Man who threw hot dog at Tiger Woods wanted to do something "courageous and epic" 

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