Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here I am!

There are very few times that I am serious about anything...on here at least.  Seriousness invades my everyday life, so I am a practicing escapist while surrounded by the internet cloak of Really?! Wait! What?.

Besites, let's face it, no one here wants me to be serious.  They come here for my middle school-esque mouth and for the funny in the completely inane shit I am able to find on the internet that makes me laugh because to look at any of it too seriously would make me cry at the state of the world.

Recently though, my dear blog friend Savira posted an open request on FB. She wanted us to post our favorite quotes so that she could match the quote with a graphic and to be used as subject of a post.

I am a quote whore.  I love them.  Small snippets of brilliance that make you cheer, make you cry, make you sing, make you dance, make you laugh, make you say "what the fuck was he/she smokin'?"...  So, being that I am well armed with quotes to throw her direction I set about the almost impossible task of scrounging about for a favorite.

I couldn't settle on just one of course, as the quote that speaks to me most depends on the moment, so I threw 2 of my all time favorites at her and decided to let her pick which she was moved to use...
"Racism is a waste of time."
-- Bill Cosby
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
-- Dr. Seuss
She went so much further, so much deeper than I ever expected.  So much so that she might have pulled up her yoga mat and meditated within my soul converse with bits of me I don't let out to play here.  She did a beautiful job, and I was so touched I wanted to share it with all of you....Colors create Art

On another note.

My Photography Website Is Finally Done And Open!!  

Wooo Hoo!!!  Go visit me!  Drool on the pictures.  Read my first blog post.  Spread the love because you love me!  Like me?  Tolerate me?  Whatever.  =-p

A badge is available for the site if anyone is interested being an uncompensated pimp.  Feel free to fill out the contact form there or here to request the code.  =)

Anywho...2 bits of myself to share...

Back to my middle school-esque mouth and the completely inane shit I am able to find on the internet tomorrow! =)

Happy day everyone!

Jewell  =)  xo

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