Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photography binge....

Ok...well I have finally recovered from one binge, and am now working on recovering from another.

First binge...the photography binge which I will proceed to beat you over the head and about the ears with a picture from each visit.  Shortly....

Second binge...this weekend I beat my head against the virtual and imaginary wall that is web design trying to put together my photography business website.  Taking stock of the geek related injuries I accumulated the following...2 black eyes, a broken nose, numerous loose teeth, a stubbed toe, a hell of a knot on my head, and slashed and bloody ego from the computer, website, and code sticking it's tongue out at me, laughing at me, and calling me assorted names that I can't begin to bring myself to repeat out loud.  It was ugly.  An entire weekend, the website still isn't finished...  I've officially slunk off in a corner to lick my wounds...  Hopefully I'll be able to sneak up on it again off and on through out the week and get it finished without too much more collateral damage.

Now..on to the fun stuff...The photography binge was the entire Labor Day weekend.

Day 1 - 3 stops

Johnson Shut-ins State Park - a beautiful park.  Actually it probably would have been significantly more beautiful if 2 things had actually occurred    1)  It hadn't been so fucking hot!    2)  There wasn't a body in every single puddle of water throughout the whole of the shut-ins.  This was set as a "going back to" destination for those very reasons.  No pictures of the shut-ins but a picture of one portion of the stairs that takes you up (and then down) to one of the look out points.

Elephant Rocks State Park - Only the best place on earth for someone who loves, loves, LOVES feeling like a kid without the stomach churning rides or the sickeningly disgusting food.

Downside though is that I almost died.  Well I thought I was going to die.  I probably wouldn't have died based on research, but I could have and that's what is important.  Why?  Oh...let me show you....

Look closely.  See the liquid on the spider leg?  I could have died people!  Fucker made me squeal like a puppy that had an elephant rock dropped on it's tail.

And because the husband HAD to have a record of this shit so that he could figure out how fast he could strip my teeth of my gold caps!  =)
The real reason why we were there though was the rocks.  Duh!  Rocks is actually minor, hence the fact that the geniuses at the state park offices included the word Elephant.  Check it out....

I was only about 1/2 way up this elephant piece of granite...it was fucking fantastic!

I grew up a tomboy...no girly girl frills for me growing up.  Nope...give me dirt and open air and I was a happy camper...this place brought out my inner tomboy.  It also reminded me that I am severely fucking out of shape, but that didn't stop me!  This is a place we will be going back to!!!

Burford Covered Bridge - When you think of covered bridges you rarely think of Missouri.  I was actually surprised to find out that we had any here.  Apparently we had a lot of them, but only 4 still exist.  This is the first of 2 that we got to over the weekend.

Day 2 - 2 destinations

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge - Not far from the St Louis area but worth the trip.  Probably the smallest park we've visited outside of a city park, but worth the visit.  Even on Labor Day weekend.  It's a beautiful place.  And I wasn't the only photographer that made the trip...while I was standing waiting for people to clear out of the frame for one of the shots of the bridge a fellow photographer showed up with his dog.  =)

You could almost hear the ghosts of horses pulling their wagons through to go to market.  Well if it wasn't for the fucking kids screaming and racing around like a bunch of ill trained ninjas.  Except for that you could almost hear it.

St Louis Zoo - Now, this was the most fucked up idea I've had in a long time.
Zoo + Free Entry x Labor Day Weekend = Cluster Fuck of People and Their Monsters They Call Children (x Murderous Tendencies).

He was kind enough to sleep through everyone else's pictures and wake up for me!  I lurve him!  Damn husband wouldn't let me smuggle him out and bring him home though....  *pout*
Day 3 - 2 more destinations

Meramec Cavern - If you haven't been here on family vacations...really cool.  I am not much for caverns as they are pretty much all the same after a while, but this one is definitely fantastic.  And HUGE!

One of my favorite cave structures no matter what cavern we might tour...I think these are called curtains or drapes.
And last but not least...

Maramac Spring - This was kind of a last minute thing..."we can do it if we can still move" type last minute.  It was so worth the stop.  It's a beautiful park with a spring that pumps out over 96 million gallons of water a day and as much as 400 million gallons during periods of heavy rain.

One branch off of the actual spring...How I managed to not get someone's body part in any portion of this picture is amazing to me.  Again...packed for the holiday weekend.
So there you have it...

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, I need to go change my virtual bandages and get a fresh virtual ice pack.

Jewell  =)  xo

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