Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Media Hilarity - 9/28/2011

    Vt. man catches thief in car, drives him to police    I don't honestly know if this guy is fantastic or just plain stupid.  My po-po buddies would probably vote for the more definitive "fucking stupid". I might agree, and yet this guy is still fantastic!  I'd never make good po-po.

    Woman bites man's face in 'vampire' attack at vacant Hooters    Take heed people!  When Hooters "restaurants" shut down across the country, the abandoned buildings become vampire dens.  Fuck the zombies...the vampires are going to beat them to the apocolypse!

    Poll shows Facebook more important to Brits than flushing toilets    You know, I have a handful of friends that reside in the UK.  While I've never visited any of their homes, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't find a layers and piles of shit lining their bathrooms.  I'm afraid to ask exactly who they were polling for this, because I am fairly sure that I don't want to "friend" any of them.

    Dead man driven around by 'friends' who use his card for strip club    Don't these idiots that keep doing this to the bodies of their poor dead friends realize that the movie "Weekend at Bernies" isn't a fucking documentary??? 

    ‘Captain Save-A-Ho’ Arrested On Pedestrian Mall In Iowa    Yeah...I got nothin'.  I'd rather stay "unsaved" fuckyouverymuch.

I don't know what's going on with this world of ours....

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