Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Media Hilarity - 8/31/11

    Police arrest men for pretending to get arrested in officers' van    And...from the chronicles of Dumb Shits 'R Us!  *rolls eyes*

    Ill. woman finishes bar exam while in labor   I have no love lost for a majority of lawyers.  However, I think that *this* woman just might have become one of my few heroes.  How can you not use this as a bar to judge if what you are doing is tough enough?  Well if that woman in Illinois finished the bar exam while in labor the least I can do is get out of bed to pee.  Seriously!

    Thieves Introduce Man's Girlfriend To Wife, Then Rob House    How fucked up does your Karma need to be that not only do you and your side dish get tied up, driven home, robbed, and then your entire family (including your mother) gets tied up and introduced to said side dish.  Awkward!

    Bloody Bandage Baked into Pizza Hut Crust   I knew there was a reason why I couldn't bring myself to eat at Pizza Hut anymore.  Now.  If you'll excuse me!  I need to empty the contents of my stomach. 

    Man smears feces on his lawyer, flings it at jury   And this is only one example of why I could never be a defense attorney.  Bleh!

Happy hump day everyone!

Jewell  =)  xo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peripherally Yours

*Quick note...if you are looking for isn't here today...  Funny will return tomorrow....*

Do you ever think about all the lives that have touched you over the days, weeks, years of your life?    Or...even, the lives that you have touched?  Even in the most peripheral fashion?  If you think about it, the number can be staggering.

There are commercials on TV, and while, at the moment, I am at a loss to remember what company is represented by them they always make me stop to watch.  They show scenes of an every day moment where someone witnesses an act of kindness between two strangers.  For instance, a woman may watch a man pick up something that an elderly woman dropped and hand it back to her.  She then takes that moment of kindness she witnessed and performs an act of kindness by opening a door for someone who's hands are entirely too full.  That person that had the armload of stuff, then performs another act of kindness for someone else that they encounter in a day.  And so the commercial goes.

While these are all very peripheral moments in a life, they are something that in one way or another affects your life or the life of others; either in performing the act of kindness, being the one who is the recipient, or just being a witness to an act of kindness in progress.

Do you ever wonder how holding the door open for someone may have made a difference?  How handing a dollar bill to the guy on the street corner might have helped to put food in his stomach instead of drugs or alcohol?  Or how just smiling at another person as you interact with them might help to lighten their level of stress at the moment?

I know that I don't.  At least not often.  I, like so many other people, get wrapped up in my own mind, my own stress, my own thought process, my own cynicism, skepticism, or pessimism, my own need to get to my next errand so that I can get back to own life.

However, within the last couple of weeks I have started to kind of rethink how peripherally I've been touched by others or how I might have made a difference to someone's day if only for the couple of minutes that I interact with them.

In last Tuesday's post I made a quick mention about the fact that Small Town, America had a big chink delivered to it's armour.

The town that listed as my address on all of my bills is small.  On the top end the post office probably serves all of 2000 people.  Probably less.  Most of whom don't probably live in the city proper.  It has 1 grocery store, one stop light, more churches than I have fingers and toes, 2 mechanics, 3 gas stations, etc...  To get from one end of town to the other takes not more than a couple of minutes.  The cops are few and far between for our little podunk town and pretty much the highlight of their day or night is to catch a speeder, chase congregating teenagers out of business parking lots, and, if they are lucky and excitement is in abundance, take out the most current meth lab. 

However, while the husband him and I visit town frequently for one thing or another, we don't have many friends there (or at least I don't).  People that we see from time to time in one business or another.  We recognize each other to say hi, but peripherally is about as well as I know any of them.

Within the last couple of weeks tragedy struck, lives snapped, and a husband shot his wife in the gas station that they owned together.  The one of the 3 that we frequented the most.  It was closing time, he was in the store, a customer tried to come in before closing and he waved the guy away with the gun.  The wife, tried to run out the front door.  He shot.  Killed her.

The husband him and I had to go into town the night it happened.  While the gas station where the murder occurred is the one that we went to most often, we knew it would be closed.  So we headed into town to go to the one across the street.  However, the parking lot of the gas station was lit up like the 4th of July.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet every single one of our small town po-po was on scene.  As humans frequently do, there were people all over in the parking lots across the street, people standing in groups, people sitting at the gas station that we were headed to for our errand.  Humanity en masse...

Being what gas stations are, we figured that there had been a robbery.  As we were checking out though we asked what was going on.  Expecting that robbery would be the answer.  Instead we were informed that people we knew were involved in something that just doesn't happen often in Small Town, America.  Murder.

They have 2 daughters.  They have grandbabies.  He killed her.  Jumped in his truck and ran like the wind, only to be found in Colorado and hauled back a week later.

The shock of the incident settled over the whole town like the sticky edges of a nightmare.  It seemed so bizarre.  Surreal.  Crime scene tape draped around the store.  Waving in the wind like a bright yellow flashing light that screams, "Hey!  LOOOK!"  And you do.  You can't not. 

Small towns what they are...the grapevine went ape-shit.  Gossip all over on where he was, why he did it.  Gossip about the girls, gossip about the mother.  Nothing is sacred in a small town.  Nothing goes under the radar.  Nothing can be left alone.  Gossip all but flooded the roadways through town.  Human nature at one of it's most disgusting. 

Looking back at my interactions with him.  He was always nice enough, but he wasn't the happy type.  He walked with a cane, and hobbled about behind the back counter frequently.  Clearly he wasn't comfortable, but he was always nice to me.  He didn't smile or laugh much with anyone that I could see, but it was kind of an unspoken mission of mine to make him smile when I was in there.  I'd crack a joke, or just catch his eye long enough that he would smile back.  I had always guessed that his unhappiness had to do with his physical condition.  Maybe he was in pain.  I didn't know.  I just knew that I wanted to make his life better...even just by a little bit.

My interactions with her were fewer.  She was nicer to those she knew, and never overly friendly with me.  She was one of those people that you could feel that she could be a raging bitch if you crossed her.  However, she and I never said a cross word, we just didn't interact much.

One of the daughters worked there from time to time.  She was nicer than her mother.  Happier than her father.  And had a kid that you could pinch the cheeks off of.  Her sister I saw less than a handful of times.

Many times over the course of the last couple of weeks I've tried to wrap my mind around what their daughters, the living, breathing proof that 2 people, once, loved each other, are going through.  I can't do it.  It boggles. 

I've thought of him frequently, and wondered why.  Why was murder the only option?  Why wasn't divorce good enough?  What could she have possibly ever done or said that could have warranted a mental snap worthy of murder?

I can't even bring myself to try to consider how she was feeling in the last moments before he shot her.  Just grazing the edges of thoughts like that cause my heart to break.

I guess there are just some things about the human mentality, the human conception, the human thought process that I will just never get.

Now, peripherally I know someone that's been murdered.  By someone that in a peripheral way I tried to help to have a better day.

Boggles...truly boggles.  *shakes head sadly*

Peripherally yours,

Jewell  xo

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mugshot Monday 8/29/11

Now...while the mugshot for the guy isn't all that interesting, the woman, however, could be a poster child for why meth is a baaaaaaaaad idea!!!  No Harley Davidson logo should EVER stretch that much!

You be the judge!

Jewell =)  xo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Moment 8/26/11

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from sometime ... anytime

A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember

Have a happy and relaxing weekend everyone!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Chuckles 8/25/11

Ummm..yeah.  Maybe Uncle Harry shouldn't have had that last shot last night!!!
Ingenuity at it's finest!!!  Wonder how may he's sold. 
I'd bet my hard earned money that a man came up with the plans for this building!
Grandma!  Always the thrill seeking sort!  Way to go Grandma!  Way to go!
I'm calling bullshit!  This is so NOT "insect" "repellant"!  Not with a name like that!

Happy day!  =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Media Hilarity - 8/24/11

     Customer sues after bank declares her dead    So this is why banks around this country are closing in record numbers!  They are killing off their customers on paper before they've paid their bills!!!

    Inverness knife attacker was in 'foul mood'   Is there really a good mood to be had when you attack someone with a knife?  I've never heard of anyone being happy stabby!

    Bear-safety lecture in Yellowstone interrupted by bear    Brilliant!!!  I'll bet this was staged.  What better way to demonstrate what you are teaching than paying the bear to come in so you can show off your mad skills!!!  =)

    AZ Man Gets 90 Days Jail for Shooting His Car That Wouldn't Start   Yikes!  Pretty sure he's not marrying material!

    AK inebriate service van taken on drunken joyride    Shit!  If you were in charge of picking up the inebriate wouldn't you have the common sense enough to take the keys OUT of the inebriate van??  Seriously!  You're Fired!!!  However, what's funnier?  In the bookmark on my browser it read  "AK inebriate service van taken on drunken joyride    Yahoo!"   Love it!

Happy Hump Day!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011's the shnizzle on where I've been you might not have noticed, but I haven't been around much in the last 2 or 3 weeks.  Or not.  Since no one checked on me to make sure that I was still breathing, wasn't in a full body cast, or had come down with some, as yet, undiscovered illness, you might not actually have noticed.  Frankly, I'm disappointed.  Stalkers really should be more thoughtful.  Or at least mine should be.  But that's ok.  Don't feel bad or anything. As you can see I still have use of at least 1 or 2 functioning braincells and the use of my fingers...this full body cast truly is uncomfortable.

Oh!!!  For those of you that thought I was boycotting you.  I wasn't.  I've kept up with my reading, but I haven't commented on anyone's blog in quite a long time.  I read while I'm riding from one place to another,  so you people haven't gotten away with a single thing!  Just keep that in mind!  I'm still watching you all!!!!!  O_o

Anywhatthefuck, since I was gone for so long I've decided it might be easier to hit the highlights a la Annie of The Day After Yesterday with some of the pictures...

The husband him had NEVER been to a Truck and Tractor Pull.  Can you believe it?  That's un-American.  I've been to them before (when I was significantly younger, mind you), and they are AWESOME!  Nothing beats going to a pull!  Does this make me more manly than the husband him?  Never mind.  Don't answer that.

Pic #1 :: The very first tractor pull out of the "chute" went BOOM right in front of us!  AWESOME!  Don't panic.  He was fine.  Pissed.  But fine.
And of course where there's a truck and tractor pull there is a fair!

Pic #2 :: And where there is a fair there is big, ugly, cheap, useless toys to be won if you game the system that's set up to game you out of your money. 
Pic #3 :: And then there is the obligatory thrill seekers who have to go whizzing by on the itsy bitsy teensy tiny roller coaster.  Oh times!
Pic #4 :: And for those too small to know they are thrill seekers and those that are past their thrill seeking days there's always the 2 staples of any fair or carnival...a.k.a. more my speed, were I not taking pictures for you ungrateful people.  =-p
And then of course there was the need to work.  Yes, I said work.  Because frankly the bills don't seem to pay themselves off or on time if I don't work.

There were/are also many trips down to Arkansas to let the husband him get twisted into a pretzel by the chiropractor.

And of course, I've been working in my "free time" on trying to get my photography business off the ground as well as trying to escape so that I can get more pictures to try to sell.

So, in that vein, we've been to a couple of zoos.  One was here in Missouri, and one was up in Illinois.  So here are some obligatory pictures of animals...

Pic #5 :: Mountain Lion keeping an eye on the husband him as he walks around the outside of her enclosure
Pic #6 :: Beautiful fox who was kind enough to look up for me so that I could take a picture.  She was busy eating something in the greenery when we showed up, but was kind enough to pose for me before returning whatever she was doing.
Pic #7 :: Beautiful tiger.  I love them.  I could spend all day just taking pictures of them....
Pic #8 :: Zebra who was clearly too hungry to pose for a shot.  Just when he looked around to try to see if I was gone yet I snapped this shot.  HA!  I won! Nahner!
And because animals are a little less than predictable when it comes to taking pictures I ended up with some blurry shots, some ass shots, some photo bombs... you know.  A lot of the same sorts of things that you get when trying to take candids of kids.

And because of that I have 2 animal comedy shots that just make me laugh when I see them.

Pic #9 :: Cheeeeeese!!!  =)
Pic #10 :: ....Ahahahahaha....  You so funny!!

And the absolute highlight of my time away is that I got to meet some bloggy buddies.  My beautiful friend  SJ from Almost There was traveling from the UK to Peoria, IL for a week for work.  I about keeled over when she told me because Peoria is only about a 5-6 hr drive away from me, and she was coming in on Saturday.  AWESOME!  So off we went, and one of the zoos we went to was with SJ as she loves photography like me.  It was a BLAST, and she is just as awesome and beautiful in person as she appears over the internet.

Pic #11 :: Me trusting the husband him to not break my camera so he could capture me (left) slobbering some love all over SJ (right)
I knew on SJ's visit she was going to be meeting up with some other blogging buddies of ours, Mary of Living with Food Allergies and Celiac Disease and Bongo of Bongo Is Me, but I didn't know if I would get a chance to meet up with them as well.  But....I DID!  Double AWESOME!

Pic #12 :: (l. - r.)   Mary, Bongo, SJ, and yours truly  "ORGASM!"  *snort*
And if all that wasn't enough I managed to win a blog award!  My buddy Cheryl from The Art of Being Conflicted was kind enough to throw one at me.

My reflexes were off though so I dropped it.  However, here's a big shout out to her of thanks and love and appreciation....

So over all it's been a busy mind boggling few weeks.  And amongst it all Small Town, America had a big chink delivered to it's armour.  Sad tale in my town of residence, but I'll expound on that and my thoughts and feelings on the whole event in a post next week.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo
PS....NO - I am not in a full body cast for those that might actually have believed me.    =-p  But maybe next time I disappear off the bloggy radar you people might check on me to make sure that I'm really NOT in a full body cast!  Just a thought....  =)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mugshot Monday 8/22/11

BOO!!!!  *snort*

Here I am after a much longer hiatus than expected.  Where the fuck does time go exactly??  I swear it's only been a week since I posted last, but nooooooooooo!  *rolls eyes*

Anyway...this guy...this guy I've been dying to share with you guys.  He's sent to us courtesy of the husband him, and he's easily one of the best we've had yet!!  =)

Happy Monday, my loverlies!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo