Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Media Hilarity - 6/8/11's this week's edition of Media Hilarity.  I admit that I have moments, when I find these article titles, that just make me say "I don't get it".  I swear the world I grew up in was significantly more sane than the world that I'm growing old in.  *shakes head*

     Ohio Boys Suspended For Farting On School Bus  You know, if this sort of thing happened when I was growing up I know with certitude (fuck you Weiner) that none of the guys I went to school with would have ever graduated!

     Suspect flees custody still wearing handcuffs   Obvious much?  Nit wit!

     Man Threatens to Blow Up Local TV Station If He Has to See One More Two and a Half Men Rerun   Now...THIS is something that I could get behind.  The no more Two and a Half Men reruns, not the bomb threat to the TV station.  (Thanks to the Husband Him for this gem.)

     Drunk Estranged Married Couple's Shoot Out Ends When A Bullet Through a Washing Machine Floods the House  Aaaaaand this is why rednecks need to stick to using their washing machines to keep their beer cold and NOT for actually washing clothes.

Now I normally do 5 articles for the weekly editions.  However, this past week I saw a tweet that I just couldn't pass up.  There was no link to the article, but this was too priceless to not share!  And we all know how I love sharing!  (You are all going down with me...I'm going to make sure of it!)

     BBC News (twitter feed) - "Three people are left under hypnosis on stage when their hypnotist knocks himself out at a Dorset show."  Honestly....I really need to research this tweet for an article.  I have to know if these poor people were left barking like dogs or clucking like chickens.

Happy Hump Day!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo

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