Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Media Hilarity - 6/29/11

Oh boy!  Oh boy!  Oh boy!  Another dose of media stupidity hilarity!

    Two Muskegon-area men busted for smoking marijuana Monday outside sheriff's office    And is there any word that could really encompass the idiocy that these 2 possess??  Because if there is, my degree in English is severely letting me down.  On the upside...easy win for the po-po!

    DUI arrest: Man blamed ‘boogeyman’ for motorcycle crash   Damned "boogeyman"!  Can't just be happy lurking under beds and in closets, now he's branching out to causing motorcycle crashes.  *shakes head*  What is this world coming to?

    Security guard blasts off his own finger with a shotgun while trying to remove a WART    Who knew that the UK had their own rednecks.  And here, all these years, I thought it was just America that could claim that particular breed of crazy!

    How did that get there? Car wedged in van to avoid trailer costs    From the very beginning when I first saw this on Leno to the time I looked up an actual article to share with you folks, I've only been able to come up with one thing.  How the fuck did this guy get this car out of the fucking van???

Awesomeness to everyone!

Jewell  =)  xo

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