Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Media Hilarity - 6/15/11

Oh boy, folks!  Some gems for today!!  =)  Enjoy!

     Man reportedly peeing off road falls down 30-foot embankment    And so...I think this is only a fair result for having the ability to pee anywhere, anytime, standing up.  Sad thing....impairment doesn't appear to be the issue...  *shakes head*

     Bangladeshi woman chops off alleged rapist’s penis, takes it to police as evidence    Is it so wrong that when I read this title that I did a fist pump and laughed?   Loudly?  Is it so wrong that I can still have this reaction after not looking at this article for a while?  *snort*

     Burglar spotted riding bike with stolen 59-inch TV, cops say    2 words....Fucking. Idiot.

     Man Mugs Himself To Avoid Telling Wife He Had No Oprah Tickets    How damned scary is this guys wife that he had to fabricate this story???  Shit!

     Police shoot gator twice, then realize it's fake    I laughed my ass off at this.  In fact this story made our local news which is significantly south of Kansas City, and one of our anchors could hardly get through the story without choking on his laughter.  Oh....and the irony at the end of the story?  Totally makes the story worth reading!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo

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