Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Media Hilarity - 6/1/11 here we go with this week's edition of media hilarity...  Enjoy!  =)

    Surgeon Operates on the Wrong Eye of a 4-Year-Old Boy   If I was this kids parents I think I just might end up committing murder!  Skip suing this prick...I'd go straight for murder!  Seriously!  I mean it's not a new anus, but fuck me!  He's 4!!!  And it's HIS EYES!  Fuck up much???

    Man In Cow Suit Steals 26 Gallons Of Milk From Walmart   You know, you frequently hear sayings like, "It's a Vegas thing."  (or feel free to insert your particular geographic area).  Is this one of those times that we can actually say "It's a Virginia thing"??  Or, maybe it's just a dumb ass teenager thing...that's actually probably more accurate!

    Robber tripped up by 1-legged man   Probably one of my all time favorite headlines.  Ever!

    Truck carrying laxatives causes backup on interstate   I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to say "bah duh bump".  Can't really put my finger on why...but still.  Bah duh bump!  There...I feel so much more relieved.

    Man arrested in bra, panties, accused of stabbing goat   This guy could actually qualify for Mugshot Monday, but seriously...he's better suited for Media Hilarity.  Consider the mugshot a bonus folks!

Happy hump day folks!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo

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