Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I got's nuthin'....but.....

Ok...so I have nothing remotely insightful to say.

Oh, shut up.

I can be insightful.

Well, I can.

I choose not to because not whipping you guys with my fucked up sense of what's funny in the world would cause a riot. I can't have riots around my blog. There are breakables here, and no lawyers to sue the evil-doers with. =-p


My sister-in-law sent this in an email a while back, and I've been holding on to it for just one of those moments when I'm not feeling insightful (or funny for that matter).

I hope you enjoy it, and if these aren't real articles? Not. My. Fault. They still made me laugh.

Did we elect these people??  (ummm...yeah!)
Civil War planes? Let me know how that works out.
"We had no idea anyone was buried there." ????

I didn't know we could choose.
This one says it all.

Please, anyone, if you've seen this man.??
What are the odds of that?

I would have guessed after age 19.
Like to ZERO!!!
So...there you have it....

Only John Wayne could have summed this up better...."Life's tough... It's even tougher if you're stupid."

So...there you have it...posthumous celebrity endorsement of the regular feature of stupid on my blog!

Jewell  =)  xo

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