Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Chuckles 5/19/11

Yeah.....Vegas is full of a bunch of the brilliant ones!  Amazing the town hasn't imploded with such a volume!

Best (not to mention cutest) Rock, Paper, Scissors ..... EVAH!

Unconfirmed reports indicate that this sign was created by a politician....go figure!

If I could photoshop I could so put one of my cats in this is his favorite thing EVER!

Yes!  This is the sign that I lug around with me every Thursday!  How did you know???


YogaSavy said...

You are back and with a bang!

Jewell said...

lol thanks Savy =) I'm back....a little worse for wear but back =) Ready for the weekend! Glad you are back...missed you! xo

hansi said...

Loved the "Garbage only No trash" sign. Obviously an effort to keep certain white folk from doing their shopping in the refuse bin.

Jewell said...

lol favorite was the Tolerance Ends sign =)

Jessica Brant said...

Garbage only no trash well then I am out of here. :)
just kidding

Jewell said...

LOL - you are too hard on yourself! I thought that sign funny too though! =) xoxo