Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Media Hilarity - 5/25/11 I have been kinda sketchy in my posts lately.  I have no excuse really.  Since we put Crystal to sleep things have kind of been put on their head around here.  I blame it on Branson.  Don't ask.'s this week's media hilarity, sans my snarky comments.  Pretty sure most of them speak for themselves.  =)

          City man gets 7 years for armed robbery that netted 86 cents

          Goat Detained For Attempted Robbery Of Mazda 323

          Royally obsessed: Will and Kate tattooed on man's teeth

          N.J. town limits chicken hookups

          Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead

Insert your snark today!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Cheryl said...

Hi Jewell, You are providing my fun time today. I am really getting pissed off. Back in my basement and 3 THREE freakin' tornados are touching down here. Damn, they are cramping my style.

So before I blow away, let me say those are great headlines.

the goat....are you kidding that there are people that would believe that shit?

As for the woman, I think she needs to send a thank you to the hospital. They will have to provide her original surgery for free and she will get a pay out from a lawsuit and she got a new anus that should last her the rest of her life. No anul leaking for her. Yippee! This really sound like a win win to me.

Jewell said...

Cheryl...glad I can keep you amused while the storms are reaking havoc on our lives today!

Early this morning was a little close for my fucking comfort. There was a report of a wall cloud and funnel in the town that is our mailing address. We are about 8 miles south of town, but that was a little fucking close. Husband and FIL drove into town to check damage at the office and the plane hangar...all was ok. So don't really know if it actually touched down anywhere, they haven't said on the news as we have this fresh line coming through. Fucking fabulous!

Hang on tight! =) By the weekend this shit should be gone for a while. *crosses fingers* (((Cheryl)))

hansi said...

There no end to the insanity going on in the world today. #1 I'm never going to Germany for a surgery. #2 that 86 cent robbery would have cost the taxpayers of California $70,000 a year to incarcerate that foll. Times 7 equals nearly half a million. Money well spent????

Jewell said...

lol Hansi...yeah - apparently the doctors in Germany need their drinks taken away before surgery! =) and no...government at any level rarely spends money well! Especially in California! =)

Jessica Brant said...


Girl Friend I am sorry t hear about your loss. Looks like you are still on your game...
Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead
OMFG I think I would just die....
Loving you

Jewell said...

((Jess)) Thanks...keep on keeping on though! Keeping my mind busy has helped! =) Just don't go to Germany for a surgery! =) Loving you back! xo =)