Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From the Rabbit Hole to the Black Hole

I woke up Friday feeling like I dropped down into a rabbit hole. 

I was convinced when I woke up on Friday that it was really Saturday. 

Then of course, there was the whole blogger tech idiots who had their heads up their collective ass and broke everyone's blogs.  So that really didn't help.

Then we had to get the husband him dropped off for a show to hock our business to some of the masses. 

Then I got sick-ish with a 24 hr thing.

The whole quit smoking thing took a bit of a tumble.  Cold turkey-ish wasn't working, but I was still making progress as I wasn't smoking a pack or more a day, but instead was down to 2 smokes a day.

Then on Monday all day I thought it was Tuesday.


Today the rabbit hole turned into a black hole.

See this beautiful and sassy girl right here?


Today we had to put her to sleep.  *sob*

Such a crappy, shitty, awful, heartbreaking day.

Back to the funny tomorrow.

Jewell  xo


Annie (Lady M) x said...

OH NO! You had to put your cat to sleep? Aw no, you poor button. I hope you are ok matey. What happened? xx

Jewell said...

Yeah...we had to put her to sleep today. =( In all fairness she was about 19 years old or so, and a year ago was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Cheryl said...

Jewell, I am so sorry that your week is so......beyond words for awful...I don't know if you are up to a virtual hug but I am sending one your way ***hug****. Losing a pet family member is hard and I send my sincerest sympathy.

Also, I hope you are feeling better health wise. I will be thinking positive thoughts and sending them out to you. (which you know is really hard for someone as negative as me but I will muster some up for you)

hansi said...

It's no fun having to put an animal, especially one you've grown attached to, out of their misery. You did the right thing, which is never easy.

Roxie said...

I am sorry to hear of this. She was a pretty kitty.

Jewell said...

((( Cheryl ))) Thank you for the hug! It is definitely appreciated and I'm always up for a hug, virtual or otherwise! =) I'll also take the positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are always easier when you point them at someone else...never as easy when trying to point it at yourself. =)

Hansi...you are very right. It's not fun, not easy, and one of the hardest things that I have to do as fur mum. The having "did the right thing" will be easier to swallow though a little further down the line. xo

Roxie...thank you for stopping by and for commenting. I appreciate it!

Laura said...

So sorry for your kitty!

Bodacious Boomer said...

Oh young one, I'm so so sorry for your loss. But since I think cats and dogs actually get along in the afterlife, I bet she and Simba are kickin it together right now just waiting to finish orientation.

I hope your days improve ASAP.

Bodacious Boomer said...

I thought posted a comment earlier but I don't see it. Feel free to delete this one if I did.

Big hugs to you Miss Jewell. I'm truly so sorry for your loss. I bet she's with Simba right now going through orientation. I hope your days improve soon.:)

KatieSue said...

So so sorry :(

Jewell said...

Laura...thank you! xo

BB...see! I got them both! =) Thanks for taking the time to make sure that your comment made it through! I am sure you are right...she and Simba are taking time to get to know one another and to get reacquainted with other loved ones. (( BB ))

Katie Sue...thank you! xo

Rachel Hoyt said...

Awww, so sorry to hear about your kitty! :( And, quitting smoking is no fun amidst a week like that. I highly recommend the ear tacks offered through acupuncture places. I've got some in my ears now. :) xoxo

Jewell said...

Rachel...thanks! =( No...quitting smoking went to shit when we had to put her to sleep. I'm back to where I was volume wise. Going to start quitting again after we get done traveling this weekend. Picked up our favorite herbal stuff so we can try quitting together...should get interesting.

I don't have access to any acupuncture places. =( If I did though I would totally try the ear tacks!

SciFiChick said...

Acupuncture places... please tell me you haven't lost your ears...
But, seriously Jewels, I'm so sorry about your furbaby. Hang in there hun. ((((Hugs))))

Jewell said...

*snort* I lose my ears selectively Sci! =) *wink*

Thanks...hanging in there. ((((Hugs right back at ya!)))) xo

Jessica Brant said...

I am so sorry for your loss.. I think I said that before in another comment.
I know what it feels like... There is nothing I can say that will take the pain away.
Big Hug
Your Sister

Jewell said...

(((Jess)))...thank you! You did mention it in another comment, but spreading the love over multiple posts never hurts! The pain is there, probably will always be to one extent or another, but it helps to keep busy. Loving you bunches sistah! xo