Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And ......!

The Winner of the I'll Pimp Your Blog for One Day Contest....

*drum roll*

No one.

Well, actually that's not exactly true.  There was a winner, but the winner was not eligible because she had been mentioned in the blog post the day before (thereby already having her blog pimped).

Sooooooooooo....congrats to Cheryl of The Art of Being Conflicted for guessing the right hair-do, but really not winning! 

For those of you who might have been too sleep deprived, drunk, high, or just avoiding me last week I held an apparently non-exciting contest to see if anyone could have guessed which new hairdo I picked to have sculpted onto my noggin.

Anywho, here we go....(don't worry, I'm not remotely disillusioned enough to think that anyone really cares, but it's my blog and dammit I'm going to draw this fucker out as long as I can).

3rd Runner Up

2nd Runner Up

And the winning style is.....

Now, while I was sitting in the stylist's chair I had her add a bunch of blond highlights, and modify the bangs slightly so that they weren't constantly in my eyes.

Now while this style looks like it's easy care...the stylist was killing me with all the brushing, curling, drying, flattening, blah blah blah...   That's entirely too much work to make me happy.  So towel drying, blow drying and gluing into place is my speed.  Here's how I do it when I'm going somewhere...you can see some of the highlights, but the style was starting to droop, even with the glue because of the San Antonio humidity.  (You can probably see some of the highlights better by clicking on the picture to enlarge it....)

In all fairness though, if I don't do anything more than towel dry it and let it air dry...it pretty much ends up drying like the picture from the computer.

So there you have it.  A contest that 90% of visitors didn't give a rat's ass about...even when I said I would pimp their website for a day.  Which, means I would have give someone free advertising...just in case there's some kind of aversion to the idea that I'd be willing to commit a crime to give your blog face time for free.

You know...this is the 2nd time on this blog that I've presented an opportunity for someone to have their blog pimped here, and no one has taken me up on it.  So...no more contests for you people.  And, yes, in case you are thinking that I am more bitchy than snarky, and more whining than griping, than normal....I am.  I'm blaming it on the fact that I am working on quitting smoking for only the  2,305,697 001st  time, and I am suddenly severely allergic to breathing.....fantastic....so bite me!


Jewell  =)  xo


Dave said...

Don't tempt us with that last sentence. :P

I've been away from blog-reading for a bit, so I've missed a lot. I'm sorry I missed this contest! I would have loved to take part.

Even though I know crap about hairstyles (just ask my wife). So it would have just been a random guess.

But I'm a random guy, so at least it fits.

It looks good on you, though!

Finally, good luck on the quitting smoking. I know it's very difficult. Not first-hand, but from having seen others go through it.

Jewell said...

LOL Dave...pretty sure my regular readers wouldn't attempt to bite me because they know I bite back! =)

Thanks for the compliment on the hair and the luck. No...it's by no means easy. In fact, it's a major pain in the ass....and a pain in the ass of everyone around me...I make sure of it! =)

Welcome back to the bloggy-verse! =)

alejandro guzman said...

I like it! I still would've gone for the Flock of Seagulls look but hey?

Have a great day Jennifer Aniston.


Jewell said...

lmao - yeah, A...I knew you were really the flock of seagulls type! =)

Cheryl said...

I think the new do is AWESOME. And I do see highlights.

Sorry to hear about the allergy to breathing. I can see where that would make one CRANKY..

Good luck on sticking with the quitting. Email me if you need someone to yell, coerce, cajole, ridicule, cuss, bully or otherwise tell you bad things about smoking. I can do it!!! I can be a royal pain in the ass without any effort at all.

Jewell said...

LOL Cheryl...cranky is being so polite! =) Thanks for the offer to be a thorn in my ass...I do appreciate it! (((You are awesome!)))

Laura said...

A says flock of seagulls, I say the reverse mohawk... or even a fauxhawk! DYED PURPLE!!!!

Asha said...

Oh, I like your choices for your hair. Really cute styles!
BTW, sorry I've been MIA. It's not 'cause I don't love you. ;)

Bodacious Boomer said...

Good luck in quitting smoking. (I never started thank God.) The Dr. wielding the laser on my face asked if I did though, since apparently I had small lines around my mouth. I hadn't even noticed them.

I told Doug after that I was definitely going to have to rethink the frequency of one of his favorite things.

Beauty before pleasure after all.
BTW- I really like your new do.

Jewell said...

LOL Laura...I don't know about a mowhawk, but so long as you are talking purple and not pink! I can't stand pink...unless it's on someone else! =)

Asha...Yeah...I know...it's been too damned quiet around here. WTF? =) I love you too...welcome back! =) Plan on sticking around?

BB...I have few regrets in life, and starting smoking is one of them. Glad you like the hair! =) xo

Jessica Brant said...

You are Hot period end of story....
No wonder you got an std from me :)
Loving you

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I read this post yesterday and I couldn't comment because blogger was fucked! It's you! That's marvellous. You look fabulous!

Now, I am guessing that I have to pick the hairstyle which most suits you .... ok...... Number 3 looks best on you.

But if you don't like styling your hair, I would opt for number 1 because it is the least maintenance Mwaahhhhh xxx

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Aw shit, I didn't read the captions properly... I thought that I had to pick the best hairstyle for you .... I didn't realise that you were publishing the results...

Hey looking back, my choices concurred with others.... Excellent! xx

Annie (Lady M) x said...

P.P.S Brilliant idea for a post *wink* I might have to nick it!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Eh up chuck! I am sure I posted a comment on this post, but it hasn't shown up and I don't want me sista thinking I am ignoring her! So what is the deal with the hairdo? And what is the blog pimping? I like the sound of that ......... !!! mwah xx

Jewell said...

Annie...yep...you did comment on this post! I'm just really behind on everything between the blogger dudes having their heads up their collective asses and having to help the husband set up a booth for some show for the business. =) Glad you liked the new do, and feel free to nick the post idea anytime! =) I'm pretty sure that, on some level, my post ideas aren't all the original! =) I'll be by to catch up with you today now that I can leave a message! =) Muwah! xo

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Excellent! Can you pimp my website for the day then, or should I have entered a competition? mwahh back! xx

Jewell said...

I can probably pimp your website at some point. You had to enter the competition that went on whilst you were gallivanting about the whole of Florida for me to pimp your site for the whole new hair thing! =)