Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Chuckles 4/21/11

Ok...I know that I've been missing a couple of days (downside), but, from what I've been able to tell, no one has really missed me (upside?).

In any case, I've been busy trying to get my act together (oh shut up!) so that I can go on a business trip next week.  I hate going on business trips (downside), but I will be packing my camera for the trip (upside?).  So, hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures to bludgeon you lovely people with that are of something other than Missouri landscapes.

In the meantime...since I'm going to be on this trip I'm asking for some help.  I need a guest post, at the very least, for Tuesday.  If I get more than one I can make all of next week guest post week.  So if you want to put your funny on and come dance around for free blog exposure while I'm busy let me know! 

Ok...on to the chuckles for today...enjoy!  =)

Ok...that is just the most disgusting pair of pants EVER!  Any man that would wear these is a complete douchebag!

Mimes are just plain creepy!  All hail the Unicorns...the great mime destroyers!

I just adore this cat's face!  This is the face that I make in my head in response to most things anyone says!

Yeeeeaaaah!  They forgot to mention "hold on for your fucking life".....damn cabbies drive like the apocalypse is riding their bumper!

Have an awesome one, and, don't forget, if you are willing to ho yourself for free blog exposure by doing a guest post here, don't hesitate to let me know either by the Contact link in the top of the right column or leaving a comment to this post!

Jewell  =)  xo


Asha said...

Those pants are...great!! LMAO! Something tells me they are ladies pants and the designs represent the "running down the leg" effect.

Jewell said...

lol - well any woman that wear a pair of those jeans is a douche too! LOL Those things are horrible! I'd come back from the dead to kick someone's ass if they tried to bury me in something like that! LOL

Ron said...

I'm thinking I would have to wrap myself in a hazmat suit to ride in that taxi...who knows where it's been...just saying

Ron said...

P.S. If I am allowed in the queue, I would be willing to guest's an opportunity to use bad language :) as best as I am capable ;)

Jewell said...

Ron...I would actually highly recommend a hazmat suit when riding in a Las Vegas taxi! LOL =)

PS...I think I'm set for my guest posts this trip around. You might consider putting one together to hang on to so that I can call on it in the future! =) Thank you though! xo

Widow_Lady302 said...

I really need those jeans...srsly...need them *cackles*

And anything with a cat yeah that is just me!!

Jewell said...

*facepalm* You do NOT need those jeans. NO ONE needs THOSE jeans! Really! Don't make me do an intervention!