Monday, April 25, 2011

Mugshot Monday 4/25/11

Ok, kiddies...time to play "Guess what the big ninny is thinking!"  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!  =)

As be the judge!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Bodacious Boomer said...

He just heard the strip search was next!

Ron said...

And so he said..."No Sh#t? Really?...Well as long as I'm spending the night...can I have a beer?

P.S. I cant believe I got snubbed for a guest my own daughter...yur outta the will!

Cheryl said...

What a goofy looking expression.

It makes me think of Erkel of Family Matters fame

"Did I Do That?" (Probably can't remember since I was drunk out of my mind.)

Jewell said...

LOL - are right! Too funny!

*snort*'s not my fault you are slow on the uptake when it comes to reading posts! If you really cared you would visit more often! LOL =) BTW...wasn't I imposing on you for something else anyway? I wouldn't snub that! =)

Bahahahahaha Cheryl...that's awesome! I hadn't even thought of Erkel, but put some tapped up glasses on him, a button up shirt, and suspenders I could actually buy it! =) Good one! =)

alejandro guzman said...

Make it quick, I need to pee!

No that's me


Widow_Lady302 said...

Sadly, I've had that very face...and mostly when someone won't pass me my beer!

How dare you diss your dad for a guest post LMAO...nevermind...AHAHAHAHA

Jewell said...

LMAO A ... yeah...that pee thing...all you! =)

lmao Lis...<3 ... about time you showed up around these parts again, dammit!!!

Asha said...

What a moron!
BTW, when you get back be sure to visit my blog. You've got an award. Yay!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Dahlink! I returned to blogland to find that you had gone away... on business or something. Come back soon, I miss ya! x

Love the mugshot, that bloke is proper grimacing!

Jewell said... succinctly 3 simple words! LOL I'll say thank you in advance for the award. I will stop by tomorrow or Friday. We are on the last leg of our trip and should be back late tomorrow! Muwah! xo

Miss Annie, Miss Annie! I'm on my way back now (insert happy dance here). I've been missing you something terrible too! xoxox <3

Finding One's Way said...

Oh I shat my pants

Jewell said...

lol - something only a mother could love I'm sure Jess =)