Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Media Hilarity - 4/13/11

And here is this week's edition of stupidity and insanity that is our world...

     Seattle school renames Easter eggs 'Spring Spheres'!  Can we just ONCE give the fuck up on the politically correct bullshit please!?  I am not, nor have I ever been, religious, and I can say from experience that I am not scarred for life because I called them fucking EASTER EGGS!!!

     Lincoln Man Arrested For Praying Naked really this is bad enough.  However, the real clincher to this story that made me go W----T----F?!?!  The last line of the story..."Akon was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure."  Really?  How much suspicion is there really when the po-po finds him butt ass nekkid?  I think seeing it with their own eyes pretty much moves it well within the realm of fact.

     Murderer tells jury he'd like to kill them   Really?  If there was any bloody question about this guy's guilt or innocence, I think he probably unified the jury, the gallery, the judge, the witnesses, the lawyers, .....

     Man mauled after smoking pot gets work comp, says court   You have to be shitting me!  I couldn't believe this when I saw it.  Suuuuure...go ahead and commit a crime AND get paid for it. While you are at it, why don't you call yourself a celebritard and then you'll fit in perfectly in Hollywood.  I'm rooting for the bear to do a better job next time.  Asshat!

     Driver Snorting Heroin Nearly Hits Police Car   And yet again...this douche is the PERFECT reason why I will never run out of material for my blog posts.  I have nothing more to add, because, honestly, how the hell can even I improve on  such perfection!!!

Have a lovely, and laughter filled day!

Jewell  =)  xo


Asha said...

Spring Spheres? That's ridiculous. Who cares what they're called? First off, the majority of folks that celebrate Easter are Christians or some resurrection believing religion. The egg itself ties in with Pagan relgions as it represents birth/life and all that spring has to offer. The concept of Easter itself is a symbol of birth/life.
Everyone is so afraid to offend everyone else that they cowardly set their own believfs aside in the process. Ok, sheep...carry on.

Felinae said...

I am ROFLMAO. Oh the wonders never cease.

♥ to you & The Husband Him

Ron said...

Why even mess with all of these stories? Just combine them and get it over with!!!

"Lincoln arrested while praying naked after telling jury he wants to kill them because he was mauled for smoking pot and wants comphensation, especially after having a Spring Shere shoved up his...well, you get it."

Just saying.

Hope you are feeling better.

alejandro guzman said...

I'm so with you Julie on the PC shit. They are thinking of banning egg hunts at pre schools for the same reasons.


Jewell said...

LOL - Asha....could you bring back my soap box? I agree with you BTW...but I'd still like my soap box back. I spent a lot of time bedazzeling it! =)

Fel...I know what you mean! =) <3 right back to ya babe!

LOL Ron - now there is a concept - kind of like a twisted game of Mad Libs. I'll have to come up with a more diverse set of headlines for you next week! =)

A - PC shit pisses me off....and the most ironic thing of it is the attempt is generally more politically incorrect than what was being changed to begin with.

Jessica Brant said...

This is the best yet I can not believe Spring Spheres smh
Suspicion of indecent exposure. smh what are cops stupid.

Murderer tells jury he'd like to kill them fucken gas the mother fucker why waist our tax dollars.

I am going to start smoking pot and apply for a job cutting down trees then we will run away together to a beautiful beach with my one leg. ARGGGGGG

Last but not least I always snort my Heroin next to cops it adds to the thrill.

Great post missy

Jewell said...

LOL Jess...glad you enjoyed it! There was a particularly healthy dose of stupid this week! =) xoox

Widow_Lady302 said...

*CACKLES* HOLY CARP ON A CRUTCH! Spring spheres? What about an egg isn't PC? Holy shit holy shit holy shit....You WILL never lose material for your blog darling...never!

Jewell said...

Lis....*nods sagely* I know. I know! I KNOW! Insanity at it's finest! =)