Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oooo - Lookie!!!

Ok folks!  It seems that I am about due for some housekeeping around here, and frankly, since it's nothing like real housekeeping, I have no problem with it!  =)

I got a bit behind around here because, in case you all missed it, I was busy blog hopping a lot of last week.  First, I jet-setted my way to the UK to visit my sweet friend (and partner in crime since she let me loose from Ron's basement) SJ at Almost there.  While I was there I took a shower in On The Move.

Then, I took a red eye back to Detroit Rock City (shout out to KISS...loove 'em!) to visit Ron at If I Had a Blog!, who apparently didn't learn his lesson the first time he invited me over.  While I was there blood was shed and humping may have occured in The [Near] Death of a Salesman.

And lastly I hopped and skipped my way down to sunny Florida (while the hostess was on vacation - think there is some subliminal message to be had there), to the blog of the lovely Jess for her Saturday night rant on Finding One's Way, AND she let me swear!  Ahhhh...such a relief!!  =)  My trip over there was...well, a bit rant-like with donkeys humping chihuahuas in Conversation with my husband...

So, with all of that winging around I am finally back home in the middle of nowhere, and severely behind on my duties of acknowledging people's acknowledgments of my bullshit awesome!

"Noooooooooooooo!  Not again!"  I hear you cry!

But oh yes!  Yes...I've been blessed with 3 more awards.


Yes...3.  And my favorite number on top of it.  I'm sure that means that because I've gotten 3 awards that my blogging prowess is on the verge of making me gajillions of buckola.  Please!  Don't panic!  I've got your back, stalkers.  I'll always remember the little people that helped me to reach the goals so many strive for!!  Muwahahahaha!

Ok...so these aren't in any kind of order really, other than the fact that my slight tendencies toward being OCD need to try and keep this evened out a little bit....clumps bug me!

Ok...so this lovely award is from Alejandro over at Raising Amelie.  He calls ME a nutso, and while that might be only slightly correct, it stands to reason that, in this instance, it takes one to know one. =-p

A (as I tend to refer to him because I'm lazy) is one of my staunch stalkers supporters, and he always manages to make me laugh.  He tries to pretend that it's some huge deal to make him actually laugh out loud.  I feel comfortable in saying that I have found the right buttons and make him laugh (maybe even giggle a little bit) more times than he cares to admit publicly.  I forgive him...he's a man, and what man likes to admit on a regular basis that I've made him giggle like Minnie Mouse. 

So, A, while you did break the rules of your award by giving this to me...I forgive you, and I appreciate the fact that you thought of me!  *thunks you upside the back of the head with the plastic sand shovel because you probably deserve it*

And this adorable award is from my ever present (and eerily quiet) stalker SciFi Chick of Bacon And Eggs gave me this blog award.  (Yes Sci...I know you are out there.  I can hear you "snorking"!!)

Now Sci is not just a blogging buddy, but she's an awesome internet friend.  The husband him met her first via a chat room, and he was always saying "She's so funny.  You need to join the chat, I think you would like her."  I'm not big on chats...I've got too much on my To Do list that I always feel flooded.  Since then, though, we've become friends through Facebook.   She's the jelly to my peanut butter!  HA!  =)  As a result, I have since absconded with her as my friend, leaving the husband him to cry that I stole her from him.  =)  *snicker*

However, even though we are friends, it's so very clear that we've never met in person because the award she gave me was the "Stylish Blogger Award".  There is nothing stylish about me...  I mean really, the last I checked "redneck" really hasn't ever made a big impression in the fashion world.

So...now...go visit SciFi!  And tell her I said "Hi!"   Because, when she's eerily quiet...everyone needs to be worried!  A quiet Sci is never a good thing...it means she plotting something!

And last, but not least is my long lost adoptive father, Ron over at If I Had a Blog! who gave me this award (look familiar?).

Here's what he had to say about me when he cleaned off his shelf and gave me this award: "Irreverent, sassy and frankly lousy about cleaning up the sandbox, Jewell is in fact a jewell! I love her take on everything and she is a talent to be reckoned with on many levels. Intellect, humor, and photographic genius…always worth a visit."

I called bullshit on the whole "she is a talent to be reckoned with" statement.  However, even I couldn't help but agree that I am worth a visit!  =)  If I wasn't, you all wouldn't be brainwashed enough to keep coming back, giving me awards, and asking me to wring my one operational brain cell for guest posts!  =)

Of course, being caught red handed trying to pitch bullshit about the ethernet, he THEN had the gall to try and butter me up with "you are very talented...and crazy...and a little scary"!  Can you believe it!  I wasn't having any of it though...especially after he said I was lousy at cleaning up his sandbox when I didn't even get off the swing!

Ron is hilarious, and probably a little on the psychotic side, which, frankly, kinda says a lot about why he keeps coming back for more of me, and has been since I started this blog.  Masochist!

So....thank you to all of you that have followed me on my globe trotting adventures, and who've passed on awards to me!  I do appreciate it!  Sincerely!  Honestly!  Cross my heart and all the shit.

But, the rules?  Yeah...all of you can bite me....I don't do rules!  Unless they are my own, and, even then, it's sketchy!

*queenly wave*

Jewell  =)  xo


Widow_Lady302 said...

What I love mostest about your awards....I BROKE YOUR CHERRY!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! YEAH I DID IT AND I AM PROUD OF IT! *happy dance*

Ron had good taste in women, I mean look at who he keeps around *points at herself, then you,then Anne,then Cynic...* *long pause* wait...does that make us Ron's angels? Does that make him our pimp? Does that make him *gasp* a man-slut?! I think you and I may have to do a blog about that question...........

Asha said...

Hot damn! You hit the effing jaackpot! Congratulations on all you awards.

Jewell said...

lmao - Yes Lis...you started the flood of adoration by being my first! =)

*faint* ASHA!!!! (tackle hugs you bunches) Talk about hitting the jackpot!! How you doin' girl!!!! =) How did the surprise go? Did it take you THIS long to come up for air? I've missed you, and thought about you often!! xoxoxo

Bodaciousboomer said...

Kiddo, you're most welcome to come here and do some cleaning. I've got lots to do after being away for three weeks.

Congratulations on all your famousity. :)

YogaSavy said...

Jewell so really how much did you pay for them as I know a place that sells these cheaper!
Congratulations you deserve them.

Jewell said...

LOL Welcome back BB!! I missed you! =) Thanks for the offer, but I think I will have to decline...I hate house cleaning as a general rule, and the only reason why I'll do it around here is because it doesn't require actual physical labor! =)

Savira...I'll never tell how much I paid. Needless to say I had to take out a loan to pay for them, and my knee caps are now in jeopardy! =) ox

Ron said...

Well there you go. Awards up the ying yang...now get back to work!

You deserve the accolades, you scary person you! ;)

hansi said...

Now that you're an award winning blogger, there's an expectation to crank out some really good stuff. So get on with it girl and let it rip :)

baldychaz said...

Your everywhere at the minute mate, like a blog ninja;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards, you richly deserve them. Keep doing what you do, you are unique! <3

Jewell said...

Ron...you leave my ying yang outta this! I wasn't getting awards for my ying yang! =) hehe

Hansi...I know...the pressure to up my brilliance is intense! =)

Chaz! lmfao - OMG! I looooove that! I'm a blog ninja!!! Awesome! =)

Sweepy! Thank you muchly! =) Awww...you are entirely too sweet! xoxox <3

Nicki said...

I hate the damn rules! There should be no rules to receiving an award! Good for you! And...congrats.

Jewell said...

LOL - See...you get it Nicki! =) Thank you and thank you! =)