Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Media Hilarity & Another Guest Post

Ok...I know that I missed out on doing the media hilarity for last week, but since I didn't get any hate mail or hate comments then I'm guessing you guys didn't miss it all that much!

That's's not like I'm hurt or anything.  Tears?  Oh, those are nothing.  I have an eyelash in my eye!  =-p  *snort*

Anywho...I've recently sensed a theme of drunken stupidity in some articles that I've come across...I lumped them together for your viewing pleasure!  =)

    Former president of MADD arrested on DUI charge

    Drunk driver rams SUV into S. LA sober house

Ok...I'm sensing a micro theme with those 2.  Honestly though, the cops might have a breakthrough idea in assisting law enforcement.  This gal may be a drunk genius in a worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle kinda way.  All hail the mighty Skating Rink!

    Drunken woman pulls herself over

Disclaimer:: Please note that Jewell in no way endorses anyone to go out and drink and drive!  Not even water!  Just say no!  However, please be aware that if you could end up on here for all to mock...

Now...if you weren't entertained nearly enough...I also have a guest post up over at Ron's playground again!  Apparently he didn't learn his lesson the first time he invited me over.  *shakes head*  Men!!  Go visit now...there was was gory...GO - NOW!

Jewell  =)  ox


Widow_Lady302 said...

You know, I'm not going to drink and drive but I do now want to do something stupid so I get featured here....LOL FAME at any price! LOL

Jewell said...

LMAO....I got your back Lis! =) I'll save you a space if you come up with something brilliant enough to garner a spot! =) xo

hansi said...

Loved the one about the former president of MADD getting popped for a DUI. Must have been president of Major Alcoholic Driving Drunk (again).

Ron said...

MADD president gets DUI? Now that's just SADD.

Love your [brilliant] post in the sandbox ;)

Jewell said...

LOL - Yes are definitely is SADD =) And thank you! xo

Jewell said...

LOL Hansi...sad state of affairs if you ask me! =)

Doug Stephens said...

When I was a kid the teachers were always saying don't drink and drive. don't drink and drive. But they never explained it.

My dad got pulled over once for speeding and I had a bottle of Dr. Pepper in my lap. I tried to hide it from the officer. Because I had been drinking it while my dad was driving.

I wasn't a very smart kid.

Jewell said...

lol Doug...was this, what, last week? =) *snicker*