Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can You Believe It??

People keep wanting me to go drop by their blogs and corrupt their readers guest post! 


I know!  That's my reaction too!

Of course, there might be a little bit of a caveat.  Technically I wasn't actually asked personally for this guest post.  It was more of an actual broad plea to the masses for help.  But being the sensitive and brilliant sort, I was able to tell by the generic-ness of the request....it was a plea subconsciously directed at me.

This time I am over playing at my wonderful blog buddy SJ's blog Almost There.  Truth be told, once I caved committed to giving her a post she taunted me with the key to get out of Ron's basement as a reward.

So anyway...go read the story about me taking a shower. 

There may or may not be pictures!  *shrug*  Your choice!  =)

Now go...bathe in that which is my ridiculousness!

Jewell  =)  xo


Ron said...

you did a fine job Jewell. I left a comment there as well.

Now that you are out...how about another guest post on my blog :) No basements required ;)

Jewell said...

Thank you Ron, but now I am concerned... The guest post that I did for you telling the whole wide world your dirty little secret of keeping me locked in the basement, you said was brilliant. This post gets a mere "fine job"??? *pout* =)

Yes...I have one planned...I just have to find the room to get it typed up! Hopefully I will be able make a dent in getting done tonight!! =)

Ron said...

Jewell - This post was brilliant as well. I expanded on the post.

You are indeed a bright and very funny person :)


Jewell said...

LOL - that's better!! =) And thank you! =) xo <3

Annie (Lady M) x said...

GRRRRRRR. I just went over and read your post at 'Almost There'. Then I left a big comment and when I pressed 'publish' it said something about the cookies being disabled.

So I went back again, and tried to publish another comment and it did something weird about verifying my blog.

Anyway, I hope it got published because you did a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC job with your guest post... mwahhh xx

Jewell said...

Annie, honey! Take a breath! =) It went through...I checked as soon as I saw this comment come through! All's good! =) Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though SJ was in charge of picture duty...I just sent her the post! =) Muwahh!! xo =)

SJ said...

Awesome Awesome Job - am doing shaky wavy dance over here and so chuffing thrilled you wrote it and you wrote it for me so that makes me even more chuffing thrilled :D (if you hadn't of gathered that already :D )

Jewell said...

lmao SJ...I am so freaking chuffed that you are so chuffing thrilled! =) Truly! xo <3

Finding One's Way said...


I am tried to read through the post on Almost There but I am spent I will comment on your guest post first thing in the morning over coffee. I promise

alejandro guzman said...

Careful the head is expanding there Julie

Hansi said...

Wow. I am certainly going to look twice before taking a shower. I don't want my wee wee being used as a diving board, or more accurately, a slip n slide.

Anonymous said...

So I was just snooping around your blog, going through your stuff, pouring myself a drinnk and making myself at home (hope you don't mind) when I noticed that you have me listed as one of your favorite blogs! I'm so thrilled! That truly makes my day! I will certainly be back to "bathe in your ridiculousness" ;)

Jewell said...

*taps foot in Jess' direction* I'm waiting! Just because you are getting a break out in the stix is no excuse! =) No worries...comment when you get time.

A - sometimes you really, really worry me! I mean in a mugshot monday sort of way =)

Hansi...lmao - I have *nothing* to say to the whole wee wee thing...too damned funny! *snort*

*taps Lola on the shoulder* Ummm...you do realize that this corner of insanity...Not Google! =) Drop by anytime! You are more than welcome! Just pass me a drink and rinse out your glass before you leave... =)