Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's post brought to you by the phrase: WTF, dude??

I don't even know where to start with this.  You all know that I have NO tolerance for stupid people, and, frankly, they seem to come in all shapes, colors, job titles and economic statuses.  One thing I do have great respect for is our law enforcement.  I had considered, at one time long, long ago, in a time far, FAR away to go into law enforcement.  So, I respect them and all they have to do in order to do their jobs well and safely.  To take on the huge responsibility of protecting and serving.  In fact, this is probably why I love reading Momma Fargo so much.  I can vicariously live my unrealized, non-existent law enforcement career through her blog posts.

That said, I am sure that a few times over the last several years, I'm sure you've probably run across this video online or on your local news.  If you haven't seen this video, I'm putting it here so that you can see it.

Now...when I first saw this video...I laughed.  No really.  

"But that's not respectful!" I hear you exclaim hysterically.

Yeah, I know, but irony - it kinda makes me giddy like that.  (1)

Honestly, if there is SOMEONE that should know what the fuck he's doing with a gun, in an enclosed room with scads of children and their parents....THIS guy should be one of those people.  He's DEA, which means he's been in law enforcement for, likely, several years; been around guns probably ALL of that time.  He should be well versed in knowing how to load and unload weapons.  Clearing a weapon - probably day one on rookie hazing day at the academy....especially when there are going to be gaggles of children in a relatively small, enclosed vicinity.  

You know, in construction, they have a saying...."Measure twice, cut once."  Makes sense.  I think this guy (and anyone showing, handling, cleaning guns) needs to come up with a mantra similar (if there isn't already one).  This guy isn't the first to accidentally discharge a weapon that wasn't double checked to be clear, he just happens to be one that didn't kill himself when it went off.

However, while, when I first saw this, I laughed (unabashedly), I shook my head and felt bad for the guy.  I can't imagine how horrible he felt (people were clearly scared after that), how embarrassed he was (how many times had he done this before?), and how much his fucking leg was killing him (damn!  that hurts!), but he was willing to man up and push through, trying to turn his fucked up mistake into a lesson to an audience that was clearly lost, while the blush in his cheeks was slowly draining out the bullet hole in his leg.  I found sympathy (once the giggles subsided).

Recently though, all sympathy....G-O-N-E!  Poof!  *cricket*  *cricket*  Insert shock and awe into the void left behind by my sympathy.  *sigh*

Unfortunately, this isn't really news, or, in the very least, it's old news, but I just recently heard about it so it's new news to me.

This officer's name, for the record, is DEA Special Agent Lee Paige, and he has apparently decided that he's going to sue the U.S. government because "....his agency failed to safeguard the video and leaked it intentionally, thereby violating his privacy."

Special Agent Paige, who's apparently easily recognized on the street as the cop who shot himself, was also quoted as saying, "'It's something I can't get away from,' he said in reference to the video files circulating on the Internet. 'It's caused me a great deal of embarrassment and stress to me and my family.'"

Awesome!  Because you didn't "measure twice, cut once", you were injured because of your lack of follow-up, and now you are suing the GOVERNMENT because a video was released?  Seriously?  Special Agent Paige, I don't know the current status of your lawsuit, but, honestly, from a grudgingly loyal taxpayer...suck it.  I'm all for paying my taxes to lend support to my military so they can protect and defend, to my teachers so that our children can live better lives than we do, and to help our first responders (regardless of the uniform that they wear) to be able to do their jobs right and well, but I shouldn't have to lend my taxpayer dollars to support, defend or prosecute this ridiculous lawsuit of yours (or any of the plethora of idiot lawsuits brought to court in this day in age). 

For those interested in reading one of the articles that I found on this lawsuit (while not current) you can find it here....

1 - So giddy, in fact, I would probably find the irony in being held hostage and then, well....I'd probably just end up in a fit of wild hysterical laughing. 

Seriously.  WTF, dude??

Jewell =) xo


JeanaK said...

I loved it. I am now following you.

Debbie said...

This is where I throw in my SERIOUSLY ?? REALLY ??? REALLY, then follow up with the WTF, dude? Some people really make me laugh. Thanks for sharing.. *shakes her head*

alejandro guzman said...

Ouch that's gotta hurt not only his foot but his pride...

Cheers A

Jewell said...

Jeana...Glad you liked it! =) And thank you!! =)

Debbie.....you are welcome for sharing! =) Glad you get the point behind the name of the blog! =)

A...yep...I would imagine both were severely wounded!

Finding One's Way said...

OMFG, That was the best yet. I am in shock and laughing at the same time
the kids reactions when he attempted to show themthe second gun was priceless. stupid mother @#@$#@. Serves the dope right that he shot his foot.
Finding Ones Way

Jenn said...

Well, from a wife of a law enforcement officer...wow! He and He alone is responsible for what happens with that gun from the moment he put it in his hands. Check and double check. Your point is well taken that he should have turned it into a lesson to be well learned.

As for him suing....for what? The government can't control video leakage. I hope the judge throws this out!!

MikeB said...

SOME of the many standard safety rules that you may be familiar with when handling a weapon:
1. Assume a weapon is always loaded.
2. Always point the weapon in a safe direction.
3. Know your target and know your backstop (be sure of your target and know what is beyond it).

I could go on, but suffice to say I saw this video soon after the event happened. What an embarrassment for the DEA agent. And how lucky were those other people in the room? Very lucky, I would say.

Remember then VP Dick Cheney on the (duck?) hunting outing years ago when he shot his lawyer friend in the face out in the field. I guess Dick did not know his backstop. Poor Dick. Poor lawyer.

Hansi said...

What a dumb shit. He should have been fired! Loaded gun in a classroom, discharges. But what do they say: "The best defense, is a strong offense."

Momma Fargo said...

LOL. That guy is such a tool. I'm so happy the kids were smart and on top of things...perhaps they were all going to duck and cover. Thanks for the plug, btw, very nice of you!

Jewell said...

Finding One's Way...welcome and thanks for leaving a comment! =) I'm glad you got such a kick out of it. I actually had the same reaction when I first saw the video. When I heard about the lawsuit, my shock went straight to a verbal "Asshole!" =)

Jenn...down girl! LOL =)

Mike B...welcome, and thanks for commenting! =) I agree the people in the room were very lucky! lmao...you know I hadn't even thought about the Cheney incident...but I have to admit that I laughed hysterically then too (with the smallest moan of sympathy that I could muster for a lawyer). =)

Hansi....I agree...utter dumbshit, but I would qualify that as a dumbshit moment more than the guy himself....I'm sure he's a perfectly smart guy in other areas, but this and the lawsuit...dumbshit. =)

Momma! =) Welcome back! You are right on all counts (as always *snicker*)... You are very welcome for the plug...as always! =)

Asha said...

What a dillweed! If you don't want stupid shit spread across cyberspace then don't do stupid shit. Period.

Jewell said...

LOL Asha...dillweed! I haven't heard that term in a few hundred years! =) And...yo dat! =)

Asha said...

I call 'em like I see 'em, girl.

Jewell said...

HA Asha! That's why I like you! =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Awww, Jewell me dear.. you are a star! I laughed my head off at that post. The guy was a complete spaz. I am going to nominate him for a Darwin Award ... mwhaaah xxx

Jewell said...

LOL - thanks Annie! =) xo I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, and please do nominate him though it's actually been a few years since this incident happened, not sure if he's still eligible. =) xo

Mary said...

Could not have said it better myself! You typed everything I was thinking while watching this video. Surely, he realized that in doing something like this under the watchful lens of a 'video' that there would be someone out there that certainly would not miss the opportunity to publish it on You Tube!

Jewell said...

Mary...I know what you mean. The thing is that he's blaming the government on releasing it, but the video is crap. I never would have thought it was any kind of video other than one that was taken by a cell...I don't know...crazy ridiculous... *shakes head*