Thursday, February 24, 2011

Psych!!! =-p

Ok folks, today's blog day is a little different.  Ron of If I Had A Blog! let me in to make a mess of his sandbox, and while I was there I decided that I should try scaring away some of his readers with a guest post.  He really should know better than to turn his back on me for any length of time by now, but, if he hadn't learned already, I'm sure this post put him in his place.  =)

So...if you want a fresh, extremely large, dose of my insanity you need to visit his sandbox.  Go!  Go Now!

For those of you who've already been subjected to that, and are still stupid brave willing to visit  my website, here's a Thursday Chuckle! to tide you over until tomorrow!  =)

Ummm...a little slow on the uptake aren't we??  *bangs head on wall*

Have an awesome day!!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Asha said...

What a bunch of morons! ::SMH::

alejandro guzman said...

An honest mistake that any alcoholic cop would make..

Cheers A

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your guest post, but thought I'd comment here so you get the credit! Funny bit about the film too. It's happened a couple times here at my uni when students have been filming stuff or 'kidnapping' someone for charity!

Romina Garcia said...

Haha! I needed that laugh. Thankyou.

Hansi said...

What a fool. Even sadder, the guys looks like an idiot too.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Eh up me dear! I have already read your guest post at Ron's place and it was bloody inspired. I absolutely loved it and laughed my head off - typical you!

Bloody hell though. What about that policeman taking 8 hours to realise it was a film-set. What a twat!

P.S. I HATE rules too. I think we were seperated at birth!

tbaoo said...

if i could be really cruel for a moment, i'd say that this fellow struggles with the day to day features of modern life !!

Jewell said...

Asha...yep...Moron's is a good word! =)

A - what would make you think that he would like to imbibe periodically?

Jessica...thank you for reading the Dear Diary entry on Ron's blog, and thank you for reading that and still being willing to visit! =)

Romina...You are more than welcome! =) Come back any time you need a laugh! =)

Hansi...what? You don't think that he would pass for an Ivy League grad??

Annie...glad you enjoyed the post over at Ron's house! =) LOL Could you really let me know what you think about the officer in this post? =) lmao And yes...totally separated at birth! =) may take a moment to be cruel on my blog whenever you feel the urge...just so long as it's not directed at me! =)