Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Media Hilarity - 2/1/11

Ok's another edition of Media Hilarity for your viewing pleasure!  =)

Teen hit with own golf ball sues for millions  Really asshat?  If you are going to be on the golf team, shouldn't you really have a fucking clue how to drive a golf ball so that you don't have this problem?  Fucking douche canoe!

Woman Steals Fur By Hiding It In Underwear  If I was the owner of this fur coat store, I'm REALLY certain I'd say...."Yeah, she can just keep it."  *dry heave*   (mugshot is included with this one in case you are wondering anything....anything at all)

Hooker overcomes illness, slaps Beaver 64-57 this something that can be published outside of  the Hustler magazine's website???

Woman accused of cop assault with sex toy says she acted in self-defense  Courtesy of my upside down, wonderfully off kilter blog buddy from Australia, Tbaoo, comes this genius of a woman.  Heaven forbid she throw the cash that was in that drawer at the officers, she might have gotten a ride to her house to get the money to pay her bar tab.  Stupid nit!

Police search for Moron  Uh....don't our fine civil servants do this on a daily basis?  Seriously though, can you imagine what kind of shit this guy had to put up with growing up....LMFAO

Make it a funny day, my loverlies!  =)

Jewell  =) xo


Rachel Hoyt said...

Hehe. Funny Stuff. I would hate to have the last name Moron. LOL.

Jessica Brant said...

I love your prospectives. Thank you for the laughs

Anonymous said...

Ha! I agree, she can keep the fur. Incidentally, are items 2 and 3 related? :p

Jewell said...

Rachel...I know...I can't imagine the razzing he got growing up! =)

Jessica...thank you and you are very welcome! =)

Sweepy....*snort* I didn't even realize that when I made it up the other night! =) LOL Good catch!

Mary said...

Enlightening ending to a rough day. Your humor brings a smile across my face and a chuckle at the end:)

YogaSavy said...

Hiding fur in the underpants! I wonder what she really was after......

Jewell said...

Mary...I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough day, but glad I was able to help bring a smile and chuckle to your day!! =)

Savira...You know...I don't know, and I'm REALLY certain that I don't WANT to know! =) LOL

Bodacious Boomer said...

Or neighbor who managed a grocery store told us that he caught a woman shoplifting a TURKEY. She had it under her skirt. Just goes to show what kegels can really do for you.

Ron said...

Okay...I had to read the stories because the headlines were...vague :)

Teen Hit with golf ball...that's a 2 stroke penalty (one for stupidity...and his lawyer needs a smack as well).

Fur in underwear...oh, where we could go with that one :)

Hooker overcomes illness - No matter how that story plays could only happen in Oklahoma!

Cop Assault with sex toy - Let me see if I have this right...she drank and ate dinner, stiffed the bill and was arrested at home for not paying for the crabs. Did the officer have a smoke after the attack?

Police search for moron - I really had to read this one because if they were simply searching for "a" moron...that happens daily...and they seem to find the police sans Monday Mugshots :)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Crikey, she kept the fur-coat in her pants for three days? Jeez, I am glad I wasn't there to see the state of the fur coat when it was eventually freed. It gives new meaning to the term 'nice beaver'!! LOL. Great post J mwahhhh x

Widow_Lady302 said...

I know a few people who could hide fur in their underwear and get away with it...if you know what I mean *wink,wink,nudge,nudge*

Jewell said...

BB - oh my word! I watch stupid criminal shows frequently, there was a video of a woman who hid a 12 pack in her skirt and managed to walk THOSE are kegels to envy! =)

Ron....LOL I'm all for lining up stupid criminals with their idiot lawyers for a mass bitch slap =)

Annie...nice of you to crawl out into the light with the rest of us! I've missed ya! =) You are right though...I don't know what kind of karma that mink had...but DAMN!

Lisa -- LarfingMAO

Jenn said...

I don't think I'll ever think the same way about mink coats ever again! LMAO!

Oh and the woman that almost hit that cop or hit him or whatever is claimed...what a dildo!!


Cheers, Jenn.

Jewell said...

Jenn!! Welcome back!! =) Missed you! =) Yeah, you know, I don't tend to think of mink coats very often, but were I ever to *see* one, pretty sure I might vomit! =) *rolls eyes at dildo joke *snort*