Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Ron's fault...go step on his toes

Ok...this is a serious post, and it's probably going to be laden with less than lady like language (SHOCKER!).  So, if you don't feel like plowing through this, then feel free to visit Ron over at If I Had A Blog and step on his toes.  I'm sure he can handle the onslaught.  =)

Anywho...I'm sure some of you bloggers out there are aware of a guy that's out there spamming blogs in the comments about his hate filled blog about American women.

Apparently, I've recently reached the ranks of the popular people because he hit my blog too.  Some bloggers have blogged about it, others allowed the comment through but say nothing on it, and some, like myself, have probably relegated him to the spam folder and moved on.

Without going into overly much detail on the content of his comment, and his blog (as I haven't visited to read any of his posts), bash on American women as cheaters, fat, ungrateful, child fearing (and the list actually goes on) beings.  He claims to be an American "man".

A couple of the blogs that I visit on a regular basis have opted to comment about this fuckwit (thanks Alejandro for that one...I stole it!  *snicker*). 

Ron of If I Had A Blog...a funny, satirical post complete with stats that make your head spin. =)

Megan of Sugary Cynicism...a funny, deliciously immature, swear word laden post that is more my general thought process on any subject that pisses me off.  =)

However, it's Ron's comments on his post that caused him and I to get into a bit of a discussion...and a serious one at that.  (FOR SHAME on both of us!)

Our discussion actually started when I was in the truck and typed the thumb powered version of War and Peace on my smarter than me phone.  Can anyone say "thumb cramp"?  Good...cuz both of mine were.

Here's Ron's comment to comments made on his post (slightly edited for personal messages to previous commentors)...
"I just wanted to let everyone know that I did go back and delete the comment. I wanted to leave it up as a reference for the sake of this post, but I don’t want to encourage curious traffic to his blog. I appreciate all of your comments and my purpose [other than comedic relief] was to create a large enough thread to push his blog down the search listings…The Art of War.
Personally it is against my nature to ignore such things. There is enough hate and violence on this planet and ignoring it hoping it will go away to me is a foolish notion. I probably don’t need to sight history to remind us of horrible things that were allowed to happen because it was ignored. I will fight words with words because that is who I am." ...

"In the end, there is a difference between ignoring something and showing support for an opposing view. I don’t advocate or support violence and every voice has a right to be heard…I just want our voice to a little louder."

My response (slightly edited for my own silliness)...
"I have to agree with some of what you said. However where I disagree is letting this guys message out enough that people can do a search for him on the internet. For those willing to look it wouldn't take much for a search engine to pull up his link for those that want to read the hate he wants to spew. I refuse to address his crap publicly (passively or aggressively) and risk sending those agreeable to him. He has his forum, his blog, but he's not going to come into my "home" and spew his hate any more than I would allow a KKK member anywhere near me without a bullet between the eyes.

He has the right of free speech, which is part of the reason I haven' t reported him to his blogging forum of choice, but I have the right to not allow him on mine. If he wants to come and spew his hate at me because I am a strong, independent, smart, beautiful AMERICAN woman he is more than welcome to be skewered lavishly by me for his efforts."

And his response back that finally pushed me to a post because I felt like it (slightly edited for Ron's own silliness)...  =)

"Jewell - I do very much appreciate your comment but again, now that his link is deleted from this site, my point was to address the issue, encourage comment and therefore create searchable content opposing his view that obscures him on search engines. Rather than ignore him, I chose to bury him, and I have found today that it is working."

"I will say that ignoring things offers horrible circumstance, sans Holocaust and 911. Ignoring is ignorance, and I will not participate in that mindset..."

Ok - so that's the basics of my discussion with Ron...

Now, I know Ron.  He wouldn't at all give more life to people like this.  He's just not that way, and his moral standards are significantly higher than mine (in most cases), so I applaud him on his post and his publishing and subsequent removal of the comment. 

While I don't think that Ron is calling me ignorant (or at least he best not be or I'll take out all of his toes in one fell swoop all by my lonesome *wink*), the words ignorance and ignorant are what keep plucking my rebuttal nerve.  I agree...self imposed ignorance is absolutely inexcusable. To live your life with your head in the sand, unconscionable and irresponsible.

However, because I chose not to publish this guy's comment (or posting any kind of additional noise to see who can piss a straighter line) is not ignoring nor ignorant in my opinion.  As I mentioned in my comment above, my blog is my "home" on the internet.  This guy's blog is his "home" on the internet.  I tolerate hatred from no one (especially that which lumps groups in broad stroke generalizations), and I am not going to allow this donkey fucking, slushy slug penis blow hard permission to steal my rusted soap box to add to his collection.  He will have his followers, and I will not be one of them, but nor will I willingly help people find him which is why I chose to relegate his spam comment to the spam folder.

I believe in fighting the good fight, I don't believe in (always) crawling to someone else's level in order to find one.  Especially since this fucktard doesn't want a fight because the grapevine report is that he doesn't allow comments on his vomit (a.k.a. blog posts). 

I believe that he has every right in the universe to believe what he wants, think what he wants, say what he wants.  It doesn't mean that, having read the generalized spam comment he left on my blog, that I have to agree with (or read) anything that he has to say.  Nor does it mean that he has any right to come into my "home" and proselytize his hatred. 

It doesn't make me ignorant, nor does it indicate that I am ignoring him.  It simply means that this vital, independent, slightly cushy and not fat, most days happily married, childless woman for reasons that he would never be able to wrap his 1/12 of a brain cell around, AMERICAN woman who bleeds red, white, and blue every day of my damned life for the love of my country, and the countries of so many of my friends, because of the ignorance I was guilty of on 9/11, chooses not to invite him into my "home" to spew vile hatred that is of no good to anyone...including him in his wretched cockroach infested basement existence.  His comment was enough to educate me about what I would find on his blog, I don't need to visit, to immerse myself in anymore hatred than I do 12 - 16 hrs a day every day to do my part in helping to protect the other innocent people (including idiots like this guy) of the world.

Education is the key to shedding ignorance.  I am educated, and I know that he, and others like him, are out there.  I know to keep my eyes open for any threat or harm he brings to anyone...man, woman, or child. What I won't do is allow him to publish a comment on my blog, that has nothing to do with me outside of what I have or have not between my legs and where we live, and then expect to get free advertising out of it.

If Mr. Anonymous wants to look in the couch springs to extricate his nuts, and leave a comment (complete with his name) attacking me (or anyone else I know) personally, I'll be more than happy to go word to word with him.  I'd even be more than happy to slither may way down to his level in order to shove his head so far up his ass he'd find the aliens he's been trying to communicate with through his aluminum foil hat. 

While ignorance is inexcusable, in the end, I think that there is merit to both of our overall arguments.  Ron wants to use the vast voices of the internet to smother this guy's linkability (and I guess he's tricked me *snort* into aiding his efforts by doing this post).  However, I believe, there's also merit in not fanning his blogging flame by providing him a platform or offering up a reaction to his hatred either.  Maybe the answer is a combination of both sides.  In any case, I guess my Art of War is different than Ron's...and yet Ron is crafty enough to shove me into a post.  Keep an eye on him...he's apparently more shifty than I first expected!  =)

Now...that's enough time spent on this idiot.  Back to the regularly scheduled insanity tomorrow =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Widow_Lady302 said...

" I am not going to allow this donkey fucking, slushy slug penis blow hard permission to steal my rusted soap box" <---Priceless, seriously...PRICELESS!! You go too girl!!

Jewell said...

LOL Lis - your funny bone is too easy! =)

alejandro guzman said...

Next time my words are used without my permission I think I deserve a link...hehe Gotta love a fuckwit!

Good one Cheers A

last post- father

Ron said...

Hmmm…A most eloquent prose and rebuttal. Jewell, you in no way are anything remotely ignorant. In fact you are exceptionally bright and a talent to be reckoned with. Again, I do very much appreciate your comments and respect your point of view. It is thoughtful and well founded, but in its context, you have been on both sides of the fence between ignoring the butt-head, and openly opposing him while engaging in healthy dialogue. I thank you for that.
Aside from the fact that the satirical opportunity was too rich to avoid (for me), it was a gamble that might draw attention to him. I doubt that we encouraged any new recruits. It was also my intent from the beginning to provoke reaction and make people think. My work is done .
As silly as my blog can be, the context of most of the posts is to entertain and give pause for thought. That post garnered a variety of opinion and comments and I was very excited for the response. In part the result was that on search engines, although his blog appears, it is obscured by a plethora of opposing views which makes me happy.
Crafty…shifty…perhaps…but remember, I still eat craft paste…so what do I know.

Jewell said...

Shit! I had totally meant to link your name to your blog and I missed it when I was going through before publishing! =( I'm so sorry, A!!

((Ron)) Trust me, my position on the fence is well worn! Even had cause to replace the board a time or two. =) I'm cursed (or blessed) with the ability to see both sides equally. I guess that's part of the education process too, but being on the fence lends to a more rounded debate in most cases. This gift of mine is probably the main reason why I belong to no political party, and there is no religion large enough to handle me or my mouth. =)

As for your hankerin' for craft paste...pretty sure that's a direct result of one of the many drops on your head! =) xoxo

Ron said...

And so you are left with the reality that a person who by your proclamation has been dropped on his head too many times...caused you to responded, react, and post...so nah, nah...have some paste.

Jewell said...

lmao..yes you have, yes you did, and I stole your paste already...here's the empty container. See...I can be sneaky, shifty, and crafty too! =) Love you bunches! =) xo

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Hiya chick, I actually got that spam on my blog too. And I wrote a blog post on it but decided against publishing it so that it didn't go any more viral than it was already.

But, what I might do is publish the post, but publish his comments as a flat-file .pdf so they can't appear in google results. What do you reckon? x

Would I be like Darth Vader?

Rachel Hoyt said...

I'm the type to only react if it can make a difference. Most of the time I'm like Jewell... I ignore the comment and move on. It's not worth changing my mood to angry in order to respond. BUT, if I know I can do something that will help the situation (i.e. move him down the search results or get him banned from blogging forums) I would probably take action.

Jewell said...

Annie...could you really pull off a Darth Vader? =) lol As for the post...go for it. I would love to read your response to this dildo wannabe! =) Oooo! The PDF idea is fantastic! I hadn't even thought about that, or I could have roasted him with that... You are a smart cookie! DO IT! DO IT! =) *I say jumping up and down clapping*

Rachel...thanks for dropping by and commenting! =) Maybe the women of the world have a different Art of War than the men folk?