Friday, February 11, 2011

Eh - 50/50

Watching the news, as I do, every day because I have to, the celebration currently going on in Egypt is the non-stop topic.  One of the reporters on Fox News (yes, I have Fox on right now...shove it if you don't like it) bravely (or stupidly) stepped in among the joyful crowd, while his cameraman clearly stood on the roof of a car in Tahrir Square, and asked some of the celebrants some questions.  This one made me laugh....

Reporter:  What do you think of America?  (Really?  Even to me that was a stupid question...this celebration isn't about us...ugh)

Cheerful Egyptian (paraphrased because I can't remember the exact wording):  Eh....50/50.  I love the American people, but not the system that keeps people like Mubarak in power.

All the while, behind the reporter's head, something else that made me laugh.  Another man in the crowd holding up a sign "Mission Accomplished" with a big red heart.  What can I say?  Irony makes me giddy....
Now I know I don't generally use this blog as a place to talk about anything serious.  We make life too serious as it is, and we all need a break - including me.  But, with the jubilation that is going on in Egypt right now, I can't seem to not.  The thoughts and feelings about what is going on over there right now seem to be overwhelming me and I need to get them off my chest.

This moment, their moment, isn't about the left or the right (my normal reaction to either side is "Fuck you and have a seat on that spin your are trying to feed me")'s really about freedom and their need to have a choice in their own lives and the ability to make those lives better for them and their children.  Seeing some of the celebrants being interviewed, their broken English getting even more broken because of their pure, unadulterated joy at seeing all of their hard work succeed, with the stepping down of Mubarak, seriously brought tears to my eyes.

I guess, as Americans (and maybe other countries founded on freedom), we tend to lose a handle on how important freedom really is to us until we see others stand up to find their own.  Think about it.  I wouldn't be here right now if one person in my family hadn't come here to find their own freedom, hadn't wanted to make their life and the lives of their family better.  So I can't help but be touched by the joy of the Egyptian people, at their feeling of success.

However, I am feeling a little bit of 50/50 myself.  While I enjoy the flight of my soul over their success and the hope that all their hard work brings them the freedoms they seek, I can't help but be equally as worried over where this is going to lead.  Granted, Mubarak was no prince (figuratively speaking of course), he, like so many other regimes, didn't treat his country-people properly, but he did help to keep a very volatile area of the world reigned in to some extent. 

I worry for the world.  I worry because of the unknown. The not knowing the what, or whom, will fill the void.  Will there be a replacement that will bring the people what they've sought and fought for so hard?  Or will something dark and ugly slither in, and set more wheels turning that could breed more hate and hurt in a world that needs more heart and healing?

I just don't'm feeling....50/50.  So, I guess I will chose the 50 that brings tears to my eyes for the Egyptian people.  The 50 that has hope that only good will come of all their hard work, their desire, their need for change.  I will focus on the 50 that is good, is hopeful, is joyful.  The other will be there tomorrow.  Tomorrow I can decide which 50 I need to focus on.

My apologies again for 2 posts today, for bringing in the serious, but I needed to get that off my chest.  =)  A happier post later this afternoon (about 4:01 pm CST) please come back for another visit....

Jewell  =)  xo


Jessica D'Angelo said...

First, thanks for commenting on my 'Peas' blog.
I like your site here too!
Egypt? Yeah, unfortunately the US kinda backed the regime there and whatever new govt. comes along they are not likely to be keen friends of the West. You reap what you sow springs to mind...

Mary said...

Jewell, again, I am right there with ya sister. I worry about other countries, but the American People is what I focus on the most, and the turn of events that have been taking place in our very own country. It seems as though the freedom that other countries strive to obtain, our government is trying to take away. It saddens me to see all of the changes that are occurring at such a fast rate. Do not have a clue where it will all end, or what result it will have on the American People as a whole. What I do know is that if the People want to keep their freedom, then they need to speak up and be heard. Very soon in the future they will find that they may be exactly like the people in Egypt. Just sayin' thoughts:)

Jewell said... are welcome for the comment and thank you for the compliment. As far as Egypt, well I can see other areas where the US had their hand, nose, and my money where the reaping what you sow thing fits...I'm not so sure it's the same case in this instance.

Mary...I hear ya. I am a human and American first, but a tight second I am a citizen of this world. And with the world as intertwined as it is it's hard not to be worried world wide... =)

SJ said...

You know as much as I love all the other stuff you throw in here (in the genius way that you do), I actually really enjoyed the sensitive serious side to this post.

I am a little light headed as it's not what I expected and I did grab the chair as I read (only because I usually fall off it laughing my head off) but in all seriousness - when you write seriously you make people listen (so a little soft love interjection in here is actually very enjoyable to read) sorry about all the brackets - they are my new found toys - since I found you can type with more than two fingers :) You knew I for one could not maintain the seriousness for very long oxox

Jewell said...

Awww...thanks SJ =) Yeah, I do have a soft and serious side that can beat the more predominant side into submission. =) It doesn't happen often, but there are times it sneaks it's way out and stomps it's foot until it's heard! =)