Friday, February 11, 2011

Bowing in my presence is still mandatory!!

Bow before my awesomeness, my loverlies, because IT's happened again!  *hands you your sunglasses again*

"No!  Not AGAIN! " I hear you cry out in despair.

But...oh Yes!  I have been presented with yet ANOTHER award! *Jersey Shore-esque fist pump (1)

This time the sucker devotee that presented me with this award is my new lovely, sassy, cheeky probably slightly sloshed blog worshiper friend Asha at Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom.  Now, as best as I can tell, this isn't just ANY award.  Oh no!  No normal, rule laden award for me!  Instead, it seems, that this lovely hilarious illustrious award has been made especially for my particular brand of bullshit awesomeness by Ms Asha herself!!!

*collective groan* 

Shut it!  No pissing in my cornflakes!  *huff*  Ingrates!

I now present you with the Twin Award, or maybe it's the "We're both a little crazy but you just put your make-up on better." Award. *Psst?! - whispers conspiratorially - I don't think she really knows either*

Ok, now since Asha didn't put any kind of rules on the award (I don't think), I am going to put a rule on it (*points at self* Rebel!).  I will hand this uber special award out to one other person.  However, who I dish this award out to has to be someone that you, my lovely readers, suggest.  Any suggestions you make must follow these little guidelines....

1.  The blog you suggest can't be your own....
2.  The blog you suggest must be one that you think *I* would enjoy reading...and doesn't appear in my blog roll over there ------------------>....somewhere or another....
3.  The blog you suggest has to make me laugh.  I work hard to come up with things to make you guys laugh, so it's your turn to make me laugh (more than you already do with your usual off the wall comments).  =)

So that's it...leave your suggestions in the comments below this post.  All suggestions need to be in by midnight Tuesday 2/15 so I have time to plow through them.  The winner (unless I get overloaded and behind in checking them out) will be announced next Friday.

Now...go visit my new dear friend, Asha at Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom.  It's a new commandment!  Honestly...any random stranger on another blog that supports your twisted point of view...publicly even, comes up with awesome words like "celebritards", AND in her own blog post can generate a rib breaking visual with a word jumble of  "Not to mention somewhere Al Gore is dancing a jig and screaming 'Suck it, bitches!'"  is worth every bit of your love and adoration!  =)

I know she's got mine!  =)

Thanks again, Asha!!!  =) xo

1 Please note...I DO NOT WATCH THE JERSEY SHORE MORONS!  I tend to watch TV shows that don't make me puke...the mere mention of that show...makes me puke....violently!

Have yourself a fantastic weekend my dears!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Bodacious Boomer said...

You know if you keep getting a plethora of awards you'll have to guard against become insufferable and having to sleep in an airplane hanger to accommodate your swelled head.

Jewell said...

Awww BB...I thought I was already insufferable! =) hehe As for the it FIL has one I could borrow if need be! =)

Asha said...

I didn't make up any rules for it because rules are better when you make them up yourself. So, REBEL and do what you do, knucklehead! I'll be reading.

Jewell said...

Knucklehead! KNUCKLEHEAD? I resemble that remark - thank you very much! =-p *snort*

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Well me dear, I can't think of a more deserving blog to win such an alternative award (the picture made me piss myself laughing!) CONGRATULATIONS!

I struggled finding a blog that you hadn't read that was funny (because we both mostly follow the same blogs), but I came up with

Enjoy my little love muffin!

Jewell said...

Thanks Annie for the suggestion =) You are the first. Hopefully some more will come in, otherwise I might be forced to keep the award all to myself =)

SJ said...

oooh ooooh Me Me Me !!!! *Hand up waving frantically* wait I left school (erh herm) yes that many years ago..

No I'm not putting myself forward, although I do consider that I talk about myself as the 3rd person, I do have a blog I think you should take a gander at.....

Her son just shaved the cat LMAO and in true blogger style she wrote about it and pictured it, that and she does the whole awesome I don't give a shit it's funny! so I'm blogging it way - OK I think her blog is fab, if you didn't guess :P

God I'm hyper tonight where's the rohypnol oops I mean Ritalin - nah the rohypnol will work better x

Jewell said...

LOL - SJ...lay off the caffeine! =) And thanks, I will definitely check out your suggestion! =)