Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pay Stupid Tax.....Check!

Ok...so I don't normally post a 2nd time in a day, but if I don't gripe about this particular pet peeve right now I just might forget that I had a peeve to share!  =)

Every week the husband him and I play the lottery....husband him refers to it as paying the stupid tax.  Why?  Well, here's an example.  Each week I check our tickets for the winning Power Ball or Mega Millions (depending on the stupid tax that we paid).  If we don't have it, then I just sock the tickets away for 2 or 3 weeks and take them to the gas station to be scanned for whether or not we won some pittance of our "investment" back.  Last week, I took in a stack to scan.  The stack was probably easily a couple hundred dollars in investment to win millions.  How much did we win back?  $13.00  Yep...$13.00  Cha-ching! 

Well, if you are in the US and you have been anywhere near the news today, you've probably heard that the estimated pay out on Mega Millions is $355 million (with a cash option of $224.2 million before taxes).  So, of course we decided to pay play.  However, this week, we opted to pick our numbers rather than doing the quick pick option of letting the computer pick the numbers for us (which, clearly, works out so well for us). 

The problem with picking your own numbers is that you have to fill out this stupid little scanner card that requires you to fill in these little squares like you are back in grade school taking one of those computer graded tests.  It's a pain in the ass, and enough, by the time I am done, to make me look like a cross eyed, meth afflicted hillbilly.  Now *I* have NO problems whatsoever making sure to color the little squares in within the lines.  The husband him though.....well, yeah not so much. 

So we take our tickets thingys to the gas station to run through the computer to generate our actual tickets for the drawing.  My tickets get read by the computer - NO problem!  Shocker!  Problem, however, is that cashier runs one of his tickets through the computer, and it can't read one of his little filled in squares.  Let me reiterate...Shocker!  So we let someone in line behind us check out while we try to figure out which number on the ticket the computer couldn't read.  One of the people that we let go in front of us while we puzzled it out was a woman.  I didn't pay that much attention to what she's getting or paying for, but when I get done I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for her to finish.  First she buys a fistful of Mega Millions tickets, stuffs them away.  Then she leans her whole body on the counter to look at the scratcher tickets, and takes her sweet time picking the ones she wants to spend her money on.  Was she done?  No, next thing I know she's getting more Mega Millions tickets, and more scratchers.  Then she whips out a scratched off scratcher to cash in and buy more Mega Million tickets and more scratchers....and then more scratchers.  Just as that transaction was done, there was that pause in action and conversation that makes you think that she's done and ready to move on.  Oh no!!  She buys MORE!  

Seriously lady?  People are lined up out the door and around the building, like the rings around Saturn, waiting for you to get done.  Instead of being the courteous sort and getting through your transaction so the rest of the store can pay for their gas and pay their bit of stupid tax, you clean out the bank for scratchers and Mega Millions tickets.  Not one transaction like most courteous normal people, but 5 individual transactions!  REALLY?  Take your fist and purse full of tickets of every fucking variety and pass them out at a gamblers anonymous meeting....no, really!  Post haste!  Do not pass Go! and abso-fucking-lutely, for the love of my mother, don't collect $200......

Damn people!

Jewell  =) xo


Ron said...

I've never been a lottery patron, although I have thought of what I might do with the winnings. I imagine a scenerio where a person on a plane is holding a winning ticket; the plane lands in my front yard and a rougue squirrel snatches the winning ticket from the fist of the person, runs up a tree where a crow startles the squirrel who drops the ticket floating into my hand...and the odds of that happening are only slightly less than winning if I had actually bought a ticket :)

GOOD LUCK...you have my address if you win...right?

Jewell said...

Thanks Ron...we'll see how it's goes! The way I figure it I have just as much of a chance as anyone else. =) Address? What's an address? *wink*

Kathy said...

I generally don't have money to burn on lottery tickets and have the philosophy that I won't win a dime anyways. I agree with you that it is annoying as hell to wait for people like that to figure their lottery tickets out. They should have a separate place to screw with lottery tickets from the place you pay for gas! Good Luck for your quest for millions!


Bodaciousboomer said...

Some people are just too rude to be allowed out in public. Sorry you ran into one of them.

Jewell said...

Kathy...I agree with the separate place to pay for the lottery tickets. Especially when the jackpot is as big as it was last night...sure would have come in handy! =)

BB - I was going to say that I absolutely agree with you, but decided instead to say, "AMEN SISTAH!" =)

Jan said...

Being behind the counter as a cashier with any number of these "lottery" buyers is a challenge indeed. As I got older and older in the business I grew less and less patient. I watched the same buyers on fixed incomes come in day after day year after year. Never winning more than a pittance and pissing customers off with every trip. We had our names for certain ones. Chatty Cathy, was one of our least favorite, not only did she buy mass amounts of tickets, she talked nonsensically the entire time. We laughed a lot on her account; after she left of course.

Jewell said...

Jan....thanks for visiting! =) I know what you mean. When I was in college I worked in a family owned business similar to a Walgreens, and they had a separate counter with the lottery machines. When I had to work that counter I tried my best to get out of it - challenge is being gracious actually.

Back then the machines were hella confusing to work, and the people were absolutely crazy to deal with. I dealt with many Chatty Cathy's, people like the lady that was taking her sweet time the other night, and every person in between. =) I bow to your patience in dealing with the crazy lottery people. =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Bloody hell Jewell, she sounds like a right annoying dog. You should have acted mental and violent in an attempt to scare her off! I hope you win though. If you become a millionaire, will that give you the courage to get on a plane?!! xx

Jewell said...

"Acted" mental and violent...not sure that would have been that much of a stretch, honestly! =) When I thought the power purchasing was over with I started to take a step toward the cash register, and she about lost her teeth after the look she gave me. WHEN I become a millionaire (unfortunately it wasn't this time) I'd probably...maybe...I don't really know that there is a better chance I would get on a plane. =)