Friday, January 21, 2011

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Awww...c'mon - admit it!  You've missed me.  You've really, really, REALLY missed me.  To an almost creepy level.  So creepy that you've even wigged out your own self.  =)

Yeah - I didn't think so was worth spinning the web of shit to see if it could hold together.  =)

Ok, so I imagine some of you might be wondering about how the quitting smoking thing is or isn't going.

Well, I would have to say that, because I am typing this, I am still alive and kicking despite the fact that I have been pretty much incommunicado. assured it really is me, and not some escaped mental patient who's hijacked my blog login.  =)

Then again, how would you really know that?  *raises eyebrow*  Hmmmm.... 

I will also confirm that, since I am sitting here typing this, my lack of nicotine and my severe propensity toward explosive and irrational violence didn't actually evolve into felonious charges of murder upon the husband him's person.  =)

So at this (almost) 2 week point I am happy to say that not only have I not committed murder, but I also haven't had a smoke.  The process of getting through these first 2 weeks has been exhausting really.  For whatever reason, the exhaustion just didn't let go.  Getting a decent night's sleep was impossible for the first week, and the waking hours almost required me to tape my eyelids open or prop them open with toothpicks.  It was really REALLY disconcerting being so tired all the time.

There are still some lingering sleepiness, but I attribute it to the fact that the husband him's phone has woke me up every damned morning this week! *grumble*

So now that I am feeling more on the even keel...I have some serious football watching to do this weekend. I have some working on the basement to do.  I have some blogging to catch up on.   =)

So I am still alive.  I'll be back to irritate a laugh out of you yet....I promise!  =-p  Suckahs!  =)

Have a fantastic weekend....cuz now that I'm back....things are going straight to hell in a hand-basket!  =)  Weeeee!  =)  *snicker*

Jewell  =)  xo


Nicki said...

Congratulations and welcome back!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YogaSavy said...

I did miss your posts... Hope all is well

The Amused Medic said...

Hang in there, you can do it! :D

Ron said...

I am glad to read that the quest for non-smoker status is working...and I am glad too to know that you won't be featuring a photo of yourself in you "Monday Mugshot" segment :)

Be well,

Jenn said...

Two weeks is awesome...the part about not developing a rap sheet is even more awesome. I like twins on this side of those iron bars. LOL. Hopefully, the cravings will soon go away and your energy will return. When it does...don't forget to share. <3 Ya!!

Kathy29156 said...

Congratulations on making it to the two week mark without landing in the looney bin. Just take it one day at a time and you will do it!! Take one day at a time, that advice works for just about anything.


Jewell said...

Thanks Nicki! =) xo

Savira...thank you sweetie! It's good to have you back! Your silence in these parts was enormous! ((hugs))

Hey there Medic! =) Thanks for the vote of confidence! =) xo

LOL know I hadn't even thought about my photo being part of Mugshot Monday! LOL Too funny! =)

Jenn...I'm working on ramping up... there's so much that I want to do that I am behind on though I just might end up wearing myself out again! =) *snicker*

Kathy....trying to decide if you are handing out kudos for the smoking or not ending up in the looney bin! LOL =) j/k xoxo

Mrsblogalot said...

You are doing great!!!!

I quit smoking...let's see, has to be going on twenty something years now. And for years I had dreams that I'd smoked a whole pack and "ruined" everything. Sick. But I guess my mind had to fight back somehow.

Nothing is worth giving in for! Not once have I ever regretted it.

Don't give in!!!

Oh, and got your cryptic message...or did I? Hmmm....(-:

Jewell said...

Mrs Blog Alot...Thanks, but unfortunately...this weekend knocked me off the wagon. =( I guess I'll end up having to try again once I get past this "stuff" that's going on. *sigh* In all my life, this is one of the things I regret having picked up. =( Oh well onward and upward I guess =)

Glad you got the message! Thanks for letting me's been a little tricky this weekend for some reason and hit or miss getting to it's destinations =)

SJ said...

I didn't miss you but I've only just discovered your blog - so I guess I can be forgiven. I'm in the same place, becoming a smoke free zone. I can't say given up, giving up seems so defeatist and then I think I'm not a quitter LOL. Stick with it and if we feel the need to relapse we can support each other :)

Mary said...

Jewel, it's my first visit to your blog. What an excellent topic as my husband and I have been having the discussion about how much money we would save if we quit smoking:)
I have tried numerous times over the last, oh let's just say 25 yrs, and I can go about a week and then I just break down. One of these times I'll do it though. My hubby can just lay them down and never pick them back up again. What discipline!
You're doing great! Keep it up!

Ed Lawrence said...

I am so glad you did not kill your husband!! Actually, my wife and I still smoke. We have tried,but, we find ourselves at each other so we quit quitting. Keep up the good work though, maybe someday we will try again..and succeed!

Jewell said...

Well SJ - maybe you missed me and you didn't even realize that you missed me. Consider yourself did, in fact, miss me immensely! =) Thanks for stopping by...

Mary...thanks for the visit...I appreciate it! =) I hear ya on the trying multiple times...unfortunately I will have to try again as we fell off the wagon (again) this weekend... =( Hope to see you visiting again... =)

Ed...thanks for visiting! =) See! I told you the comment made it through! =) I wish you and your wife's the hardest most miserable thing to conquer.... Hope you come back again! =)