Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Chuckles - 12/2/10

This week's funny pictures!  Enjoy!  =)

But...but....but....wouldn't this be a condition you knew about BEFORE you opened for business??

I got nothing to add to just made me laugh my ass off!!!  LOL

Um...yeah, unless I'm feeling like a smart ass...pretty sure this isn't a problem.  Wait!  When am I not a smart ass??

Just too damned cute not to share!  =)

Wait.  Um.  How is this at all possible?  Wait is that a insurance investigator I see hiding behind one of the cars??  =)

Have somewhat of a chuckle today (even if it's at my expense)!  =)

Jewell  =) xo


Kathy said...

Funny!! Thanks for sharing these. They made me smile!!

Jewell said...

Hi Kathy! =) Glad you got a smile out of them! =)