Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Holy Crap!!

I completely forgot to put up a post yesterday!  Holy crap!  Ok, well since I slacked off and didn't know that I slacked off I am going to combine some Media Hilarity and some Thursday Chuckles to make up for it!  =)  Tis the season for forgiveness right?  =)

Chinese archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old soup pot   Now I am a girl, so the 5 second rule isn't generally something that I partake in.  I would rather just throw whatever I've dropped into the trash and try again.  So, if you are a man, does the 5 second rule apply to 2,400 year old pot of soup if you only dug it up 5 seconds ago?  Just curious.  =)

Farmer fined for feeding marijuana to his ducks  Ok, so I've heard of mary jane infused brownies, beer, and ice cream.  But marijuana infused duck??  Either this guy is an idiot or he's a genius!!

Thief returns stolen laptop contents on USB stick  Really, if you haven't heard about this story, you need to read this.  I got warm fuzzies reading it, but then my next thought was "Only in Sweden!"  =)

So is this a fail in the type of cologne or in the alarm that was actually set off by the cologne?

See, things really aren't so different between the animal world and the human world!!!  =)

How fucking drunk do you need to be to need to have a sign telling you this???  Oh shit, please tell me the idiots eating the gum in the urinals are really, really drunk!  If they aren't they need to be put into a program to prevent them from contributing to the population!!!!   OMG!  GAG!

Have a fantastic day!!  =)

Jewell  =) xo


Ron said...

My son put a sign in the men's room of his bar that said, "Don't put cigarrette butts in the makes them hard to re-light...and we WILL make you re-light them!"

Stoned ducks? I have cooked duck with Rosemary...never MaryJane...hmmmm.

2400 year old soup? I don't eat at mom's anymore...especially leftovers.

The USB stick's like stealing a car, and returning the

Hope you are well!

Jewell said...

Ron...ok, well that is equally as gross as the whole don't eat the gum in the urinal thing. GAG! Thanks for that.... =-p

Jenn said...

EWWW---on the gum thing...please tell me the sign was placed there as some sort of joke!

First question, was the soup still hot?

Next...I believe the professor is part of an insurance scam ring cuz that NEVER!!

Okay...I forgive you for not posting yesterday! Cheers, Jenn

Jewell said...

Jenn...I don't know about the gum thing...I can only hope frantically that it was a joke!

LOL - thanks for the forgiveness sis! You are a beacon of the season! =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I laughed my head off at the peacock one in particular. Thanks for sharing this with us you loonbag!

Jewell said... are very welcome nutcase! =) hehe BTW - has your head only become temporarily attached? Seems you laugh it off regular like. =)