Monday, December 6, 2010

Mugshot Monday 12/6/10

You know this mugshot kind of caught my attention.  I mean come on!  When you take a mugshot with both eyes closed and it looks like both eyes need a steak on's good enough for Mugshot Monday.  Seriously though, the true laugh comes from the first line of the article.  DOH!

I don't be the judge!  =)

Jewell =)  xo


Ron said...

Okay Jewell - clearly my theory of a no branch family tree is supported here!

Based on the photo...her, "Ahooom...there's no place like home, there's no place like home...." Although I believe her ruby slippers have poo on them...just saying.

Jewell said...

LOL it a man thing to have poop on the brain? First the bear poop, and now poop on the ruby slippers? =) Truth be told, it isn't poop on the's that they aren't genuine ruby... =)

YogaSavy said...

I think the comments are far more fascinating to read and gave me the laughs!

Jenn said...

WTF??? Her eyes took a beating...wonder if after the cop tasered himself if he zapped her in the eye balls? Like to be her!!

Jewell said...

Savira! =) Well at least you are getting a laugh at some point in the post! =)

Jenn...I hear ya. WTF was pretty much my reaction when I first saw the mugshot....the whipped cream on my cake was the first line in the article! LOL =)