Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Media Hilarity - 12/1/10

Well, because I'm feeling a bit like my head has multiple vices clamped on it, I'm punting posts for another week. Ugh! Nothing worse than I hate being sick!

Anywho...enough whining...whiners irritate me, and thusly I am irritating myself...such is the conundrum that I call my life!  Sooo, this week's media hilarity.....
  • Willie Nelson arrested for drug possession  Really?  I think I am well and truly shocked by this announcement!  Can this technically be qualified as "news"?  I mean hasn't pot pretty much been a Willie staple for more years than I've been alive?  Come on!  Eeesh!
  • Pigeon hits police chopper pilot in face  Seriously people!  If terrorists, TSA, or general nudity that seems to be infiltrating the air isn't enough to keep you out of an airplane, shouldn't THIS be a reason to stay on the ground??  I'm finding more and more reasons why I am the sane one by not sane?  Whod'a thunk it!
  • Japanese Man Steals 3,000 Pairs of Panties: Can’t Find His Size?   Glad to hear that "freaky" isn't just an American weirdness.  Ummm...I think I feel comfortable in saying that this is one psyche I want to have nothing to do with!  Ewwww!
  • Attorney 'Cowboy Bob' takes on animal rape case  Yeah...I'm guessing this guy is a Gerry Spence wanna-be?  In any case, not sure that I would want THIS case to me my news making case!  "Yes, I'm the lawyer defending the horse rapist."  Yeah...somehow this just doesn't strike me as the type of "made for TV" movie case.  Is this one of those times where you can say, "Only in Alabama."?
  • Man kills wife with TV remote control  And this is the EXACT reason that I keep control of the TV remote in my house!
Have a wicked funny day!  =)

Jewell  =) xo


YogaSavy said...

Hope you feel better!

Jewell said...

((Savira)) Thanks! I'm workin' on it! =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Eh up sicknote! What's wrong with ya?

I loved the links! Poor pigeon. And how come the police ended up searching that guys home when he was only arrested for stealing 3 pairs of panties?

Hey that death by remote control happened in the UK. Oh yeh, we are super-hard gits over here!

Rachel Hoyt said...

A survey quoted on the radio this morning said that channel surfing was the #1 annoying habit in men. Then I hear of this death by remote control incident happening in London?! :o)

Note to self: watch out for remote controls.
Note to Jewell: I also can't stop coughing and blowing my noze. :o(

Rhyme Me a Smile

Ron said...

Willie Nelson - Come on! What could possibly be different now?

Pigeon pilot - Was he hanging his head out the window like a traveling dog?

Panty raid - Errmm - collecting stamps is a popular hobby as well ?!?

TV Remote thingy - It seems the "mute" button wasn't aim

Jewell said...

Annie...I've had a cold kicking my ass for almost a week now. Sinuses are messed up, and coughing up a lung about every 10 minutes. Blech!

(((Rachel))) I'm right there with ya girlie. *hands you an extra box of kleenex* This time of year blows *wink* Feel better! hiss on the TV remote thingy! Bad, bad man! lmao =)