Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jr. is an ass jockey & I do share!

Well I couldn't decide which topic to post about or which I wanted to make the main focus of the post title so you get both!  =)  (1)

You know my parents first met the husband him when he was still the husband him to be.  They took him out for a drive in the middle of the desert to ask him his intentions with their daughter.  Despite the mafia-esque inquisition, he held up well enough to pull out the engagement ring.  It answered the question pretty solidly.  My mother though, always the smart ass pragmatist chose that moment to inform him that I grew up an only child and that I never learned to share with others.  Yeah - thanks, Mom!  =-p

Well part of this post is to inform her (should she be peering over my shoulder at the moment) that I do in fact share.  As many of you know, I've been sick for over a week now with a damned cold that just won't let go.  I finally feel like I am getting to a point where I might be getting better.  Considering I haven't been able to sleep laying flat, I have to say that I am absolutely sick and tired of sleeping propped up and sucking on cough drops so the sooner this crap is gone the better.  However, I have shared the wealth and now the husband him is sick too.  Poor guy...he's been fighting minor symptoms the entire time I've been sick, but tonight he's been knocked flat!  I hope he has an easier time of it than me!  But dammit....I shared!!!!  (2)

Now, more of the basement saga!  C and E did the majority of the electrical.  Problem is the extra light that I paid for never showed up with them on the 2 days that they were here, phone lines weren't hooked up and they didn't get to replace the rusted out outlet box.  But they moved on to install the drywall and get the first layer of mud up.  YAY!  I was down there dancing a jig when I went down to offer them something to drink.  I probably looked like a total douche dancing around with my running nose, watery eyes, and hacking cough, but dammit I was as happy as a sick body could be.

Later in the day on the 2nd day Jr showed up and wanted the bulk of the cost of the jobs...amazing how he shows up to get his sticky fingers on the money that he was in no hurry to get by taking the job.  Asshole.

On the 3rd day, it wasn't C and E that showed up, but Jr (in all his cocky fucking glory) along with R to work on the drywall.  Second layer of mud up, and they were gone.

On the 4th day (3), Jr and R showed up.  The 3rd coat of mud up on the drywall, the missing light mysteriously appeared and was put in, the rusted outlet box was replaced, the storage room lights were hooked up, and the phone lines were installed.  Jr.comes back upstairs and asks for the rest of the remaining balance, shoots the bullshit (4), and says he'll be back yesterday (Monday) so that he could do one last sanding on the drywall so it's ready for paint.

Ass jockey! 

I woke up to the fucking alarm clock again, and waited and waited and waited.....and.....waited.  No show, no courtesy call. 

I would have taken pictures but I haven't had the energy to get downstairs.  I will get them this week sometime (I hope)....

Next steps......getting anything else that creates more dirt and dust done and out of the way before the paint and carpet.  There's a lot to do:  replacing ceiling tiles in the drop down ceiling, creating a ceiling in one of the closets to keep mice out, replacing light bulbs in old light fixtures, sanding of the mud, fill and sand the existing holes on the drywall.  Once we've plowed through that I can clean up the basement and get the cat back down there, get paint chips up on the walls to see what colors might work for wall and trim, then carpet....holy shit!  It's really happening!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

More pictures to come....  =)

1 - It's my blog after all...whatcha' gonna do about it?  Huh? Huh?  =-p

2 - So see...I do know how to share.  It's not my fault that the only thing that I ever feel like sharing just happens to be my colds.  =)  He should be thankful it wasn't the flu!!!!  See - there's always a silver lining if you are willing to look!  =)

3 - This is starting to sound like a sick Christmas carol of some sort or another.

4 - Quite frankly that's about all he's good at...bullshit.  He wouldn't know how to speak truth if it slapped him upside the head.  Figures if he can bury you in bullshit you will be appeased....it doesn't work that way.  I am too good at reading people.... 

Have a cough and sneeze free day....one of us needs to!  =)

Jewell  =) xo


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Woo hoo! Good on you gal! It sounds like you will soon have a proper room. Mind you, that Jr sounds like a proper twat.

Jenn said...

So glad to hear your basement is finally coming together...HOW COOL! I can't wait to see pics!!

And you shared!! HORRAY FOR YOU!!! Albiet it was a nasty ass cold and your husband him is knocked flat...but your twin is SO PROUD of you for taking that giant leap forward in the sharing department!!

=D Jenn

Ron said...

Hi Jewell - I'm glad to hear about the bright spot while you have been under the weather. The basement is coming along :)

Looking forward to seeing the photos. Rest up and GET BETTER!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey mate, are you still ill? Bad luck or what? I hope you are feeling better... mwhhhaa! x

Jewell said...

Annie...I know...exciting right? Exciting enough that you guys can maybe stop hearing about the flipping basement before the end of the year! =) MAYBE! And yes...still sick...dammit! =( Muwah right back at you lovie! xoxox

Jenn...I promise to get pics and post them. =) It really is blood gurglingly exciting...especially since the project was so stagnant for so long. =) *takes a bow* Thank you for the pride fest...sharing has always been a huge block for me - but I think I am getting the hang of it! Poor hubby... =)

Ron...thanks...I am bloody well trying to get better...I make a horrible patient! Bet that comes as a HUGE surprise! =)