Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Goofin 12/22/10

Remember...laugh just a little...  =)  If you do it right people will start getting scared and might get the hell out of the way when you are doing your last minute shopping!  =)

Jewell  =)  ox


Ron said...

Okay Jewell - you need a break :) The thong thingy...well that really is too much information. I have a grandchild I have to lie about Santa to...and well, that is a lie I will need therapy to tell :)

Be well,

Rachel Hoyt said...

Hahahahahaha. Love the snowman & wife vs. the rabbit. :o)

Jewell said...

LOL come can't tell me that Santa's thong didn't make you laugh!!! =)

Rachel...isn't that awesome! That one cracked me up too when I saw it! =)

Ron said...

Of course it made me laugh...I'm sick that way...I just don't want my grandchild to know that...muwahahahah!

Jewell said...

Oh but Ron...she's so young and innocent yet. She's still at the point where if you laugh she'll laugh (or maybe it's gas, but it might be a laugh). =) Point is...she won't get it yet...we'll work on revamping your "image" when she gets to the stage where she starts parroting everything you say. =) LOL