Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Goofin 12/21/10

Ok, since this last week before Christmas, and things in everyone's general vicinity will probably be crazy (including me), I have just opted for posting some funny Christmas related cartoons that I've nipped from around the internetz.  Friday will be the usual funny, yet Christmas related, video. 

Not to mention, I think I might have popped a braincell on yesterday's Special Mugshot Monday post, and I'm still feeling a bit light headed.  =)  HA! 

Have a chuckle.....on me!  =)   Or at least on the artists that were smart enough, and funny enough to come up with these for me to share....  =)

So enjoy your week, but take time for a laugh!  We will all need it (and maybe a couple glasses of wine) by the time the holiday actually gets here!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Ron said...

So...I'm guessing the snowman nose isn't a night light...I'm so naive :)

The reindeer thingy...well that was just bound to happen.

I hopr you're holidays are the best ever!

Jewell said...

Ron...Um...yeah. Of all the things that come to mind to call you...naive - so NOT one of them!!! xo Enjoy your holidays with the newest addition to the family!!! =)

Kathy said...

OMG, that is hilarious!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!! That thing probably would fall off the snowman if it was on. LOLOLOLOL


Jewell said...

LOL Kathy.... You have a beautiful Christmas too my friend! =)

Ron said...

Jewell - So...can I have that list of things you would call me? I'm thinking of a sequel to "Numpty" :)

Jewell said...

*snicker* That would be a huge negatory...the only ones that I will let slip are "smart ass" and "awesomely gushy" =) Other than that I refuse to expose my arsenal. =)