Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time Sensitive…Must Share….Must….Share

Well, I suppose I should preface this post with the following:  If you haven’t read the posts about my ongoing battle with the electricians to get the electricity in my basement/office/storage/exercise oasis (1) where it belongs you might want to start with this post and this post for a little background.

If you are cool like that (2), and already know about the basement problems then this is the latest installment.

We did (3) finally get a quote.  However, it only came after Sr. decided to come out and scope out the work for himself.  Make notes, mark wall studs for where the electrical boxes needed to be dropped down, where lights needed to be moved, etc.  But….we……got…..the……quote.  Leave it to Sr., who really knows the value of loyal customers, to make sure that shit gets done.  He called the husband him, gave him the numbers.  Husband him called me, I said let’s do it.  Thing is, we got swamped and didn’t call right away, but when we did the husband him talked to Jr. again.  CRAP-tastic!
Jr. said fine, we’ll call in a couple days to set up a time, but because of other jobs we should be able to get started in a couple of weeks.  Friday last?  Yeah – the 2 week point and no word one way or another about when or if they were going to bother.

Because I did grow up in a small town, I know and have respect for local business people as a general rule.  If I find someone that is good, reliable, and honest (even if their prices are a little on the high end) I will give them my business regularly.  Loyalty in business is a wonderful thing.  The husband him and I have been lucky to have those sorts of relationships with our companies over the years, and I know that we appreciate it.

So, because of this, I have always been a strong advocate for getting electrical work done by Sr. because he’s reliable and honest (if a bit on the pricey side), and he has always made time for us regardless of last minute work or the size of the job.  He values the loyalty of a customer….he….GETS…..IT! 

Jr.?  He’s an ass wad....with 3 ft. thorns.

So, last Monday I told the husband him that I would be the one to call Sr. on Friday (the 2 week mark when they were supposed to be STARTING) to find out what the fuck was going on.  Friday rolls around.  Still, no phone call from anyone to set up a time.  So, I wait until about 4pm Friday and call Sr. myself.  I was calm (relatively), but straightforward and honest.  I basically told him, in no uncertain terms, that I was pissed and it shouldn’t take 3 months to get someone out here to do the work.  I told him I understood it was a small job, but if they didn’t want the work that was fine to let me know – I could find someone else.

Poor Sr.  He’s set himself up at the bottom of the hill in a hammock and he’s getting piled with shit.  Apparently Jr. has done this same thing to others (Wha??? Yeah, I know....SHOCKER!) and Sr.’s getting the fall out.  He apologized up and down profusely, explained that he was trying to give the business to Jr. (4), blah, blah, blah, “if you don’t hear from Jr. or I tomorrow, call me and I’ll make sure that the job gets done one way or another.”

Saturday rolls on in, and rolls on, and rolls on, and………my cell rings about 8pm, “Jr. will be there with C. on Wednesday morning early to get the work done.”

Oooooooooook….do I really want Jr. in my house doing my electrical after all the bullshit he’s put us through?  Not likely alone.  Luckily he’ll have someone else with him to do it.  On the upside, I’ll have a witness when I lay into Jr. to find out if he has any plans AT ALL to do the drywall that he promised to do.  If he’s not going to do it that’s fine.  At this point, I could give a flying aerobatic bat shit if he doesn’t.  With the economy the way it is, I’m POSITIVE that I can find someone who would be more than happy to come in and do the work for me.

I was very calm and collected, yet stern, with Sr. out of respect for him and all the times that he’s bent over backward to fit us in, regardless of how small the job was.  I have no intention of being nearly as kind to his thorny ass wad of a son.  (5)

Then again, the way things have gone thusly, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if I craned my ass out of bed at 7am Wednesday and he didn’t bother to show up at all.  That would just about fit.

(1) – Oasis….HA!  More like eventual torture chamber!

(2) – Or if you are just plain cool, are feeling generous this holiday season and feel like taking a wayward, snarky bitch in as a friend then you need to send me an email.  Like NOW!  I need me some cool in my life.  =)

(3) – Miracles of all miracles….I mean truly, after almost 3 months of trying to get them to drag their asses out here to do my freaking basement you would think that this would rank high on some archbishop’s list of miracles to make me a saint.  Right?

(4) – Oh boy – save Middle of Nowhere Missouri…he’s going to run all his dad’s hard work right into the ground.  Too bad Sr. never bothered to teach his kid the value of good business.

(5) – There is a loyal viewer out there, somewhere, that has some bank that can be used for my bail right??  *echo*  Right?

Excuse me while I go outside and warm up my war path...pretty sure I'll be needing it in the near future.  =)

Jewell =) xo


Jenn said...

Okay sis, I give you WAAAAAAAAY more credit than I could ever give myself...and yes I am a very loyal type too...BUT my patience has a limit and I would have EXCEEDED my limit with JR a looooong time ago!! I know you want to get your basement done...I understand loyalty especially in business...but I'd have a real hard time giving my money to JR. *SIGH*

I don't even feel sorry for the ambush he's walking into...if he ever gets there. LOL.

Poor Sr...I'm sure giving the business to his Jr. is going to be hard at best.

Good Luck! Jenn :)

Ron said...

Contractors...even in a bad economy can be true pains in the butt! They are typlically hammer heads...not business people.

Jr. needs to become "former"

I know a guy...they'll never find the body :)

Jewell said...

Jenn....well don't give me a hell of a lot of credit in the patience department. On a good day patience isn't my uppermost virtue. Vindictiveness is more my speed *insert evil grin here* Part of my reason for sticking with this is to torture Jr. In short...I'm being a big thorny bitch. He'll do the work because Sr. tells him he has too and it's going to irritate the piss out of him, and I'm going to enjoy his discomfort fully. I might even sit downstairs and watch him work to really rub it in.

Ron...keep that guy on speed dial...I might still need his services! =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Bloody hell, it sounds like Sr needs to give himself a wake up call and realise that Jr is doing nothing for his business prospects.

But hey me homey, you have my sympathy. I had the same problem trying to get some damage fixed in my London house. I called 19 tilers and only managed to speak to 2 (the rest went to voicemail). Both of whom didn't turn up when they said they would to quote. Bastards!

Stick with it me dear!! xx

Jewell said...

LOL - Annie....it's so good to hear that I'm not the only one. Please tell me you found someone to do the work, and you weren't force do lower yourself to doing your own contractor work! Save the world! =)