Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Chuckles - 11/25/10

I know...I know!  Y'all are waiting with baited breath to hear how things are going/have gone/didn't go with the electricians in the basement (1) yesterday.  Well you will just need to hang on a little longer.  I will work something up over the weekend.  Right after I have eaten myself into another pants size, and while I sit around the house avoiding Black Friday Locusts Shoppers like a venereal disease.

In the meantime...this week's chuckles.... =)

I'll see you one latte, and raise you a grumpy sweetheart.  You got nuthin' on me!

Hmmm - Ok.  Makes sense.  Wait!  What?  Presumptuous energy types.
Who do they think they are telling me I'm not allowed to drown!  Oy!

Yeah...pretty much. Go get 'em kitty!  That skirt makes your ass look fat!

Seriously?  I'm not sure I've ever been drunk enough to warrant kissing a fish while I'm swimming.
Maybe it's just me.

Ummm...Mommy's grumpy, ass whoopin' quotient to hit tilt in 3.....2......

(1) - Hmmm...that, suspiciously, has the makings of a really F level horror flick!  On the might make an A grade niche porn flick.  Don't ask how my brain mother tried for years to figure out where I went wrong....she never figgered it out, but that might have something to do with the fact that her mind was pretty warped too.  =)  I'm well and truly convinced it's a hereditary thing....  =)

Great and safe weekend folks!  Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm very truly grateful and blessed by all of you!

Jewell =) xo


Jenn said...

Okay...I'll wait til the weekend to hear about your contractor thing. I'd like to know how big of an a$$ whoppin he took!!

And have your self a wonderful weekend. As for me...I'll be avoiding all that Black Friday stuff like it was the Bubonic Plague.

Cheers!! Jenn

Ron said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Jewell - I hope the electrical thingy goes well.
I also hope your holiday was fun, warm and happy.

Stop by when you can.

Jewell said...

LOL - Jenn...I promise to make time to work up a post this weekend about how things went. Have a fantastic weekend yourself! =) Hope you had good eats and lots of fun today. =) xoxo

Ron....Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear friend! =) Hope you ate well and had much love and laughter today! xoxo

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Oooh... what is all that black friday stuff then? I have never heard about it before.

I am looking forward to hearing about how your Electrician chappie got are a complete tease!

P.S. The best pic was the one of the cat asking if he could eat the hamster LMAO!! you loon!

Jewell said...

LOL a tease? surely you jest! *wink*

Ok, well first in the US we have Thanksgiving where we eat cart loads of food to the point of busting the seams of our respective pants, and then the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving (which is always on a Thursday) people go out and spend boat loads of money to start of the Christmas shopping season.

Husband him and I were in Walmart tonight and talking with one of the regular cashiers...she referred to Black Friday as "combat shopping". There is no better way to describe it than those 2 words in my opinion.

People will literally sleep outside a store (any store) for "door buster" savings (special prices specifically set up by merchants to bring shoppers in with fantastic prices). Then, when the merchant opens their doors on Friday, to let in the public, people will literally trample each other getting through the doors so that they can be the first ones to get their hands on the stuff that they want to buy.

It's absolutely insane...and I avoid it like crazy! Nothing spoils a shopping trip more than getting put in jail for multiple instances of assault and battery. That would be me! =)