Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Short Post Today

Hello my loverly bloggy friends!  =)

Just a short post...this week has been absurdly crazy work wise and now my dad is down here for a visit so not much time to think let alone take a bathroom break!  =)

I want to say that I love you all for your well wishes and thoughts with my Lasik surgery last Thursday.  I was able to get on the computer again for short bursts as early as the day after, and have been able to get back to work fairly quickly, but am always leaning back to have eye drops of one kind or another added to my eyeballs.  They are constantly dry it feels like, and it's almost like I have my contacts in 24/7....now if I could just pop my eyeballs out and put them in solution for a short relief it sure would be nice.  =)

I'll give y'all a better post on the whole thing when I get a chance to sit and concentrate on it.

In the meantime I ran across this article this morning, and I laughed butt off.  Too funny, and a fantastic way to start a day!  =)  I'm thinking that, on the list of people you should NEVER piss off before having something worked on, this should pretty well be at the top of the list!  =)

Love, love, love you all....

Jewell  =) xo

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