Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Media Hilarity - 11/3/2010

Before getting to this week's media hilarity, can I just take a minute to celebrate the fact that the elections are FINALLY OVER?!  Damn....I swear the older I get the longer it takes to slug through all of the political bullshit on both sides.  I am sooooooo over it all!  I am happy for the peace!  *sigh of huge relief* to the media hilarity that I've found for all of you lovely folks.  =)  Hope you get as big a chuckle out of these as I did!  =)

Squirrels refuse medical care  Is anyone really surprised by this??  I mean think about many squirrels do you see sitting in the Urgent Care or ER in your communities?  LOL

Grown Man Has Tantrum: Torches Home After Mother Dumps Toys  I am thinking that this is a major indication of the mother's parenting skills over the years!  Wonder if he still breast feeds and wears a diaper!  Dang!

Fed-Up Taiwanese Woman Marries Self  I suppose this is the same sort of thing that some American women do when they agree with their best friends that if they both haven't met "Mr Right" by a certain age they would marry each other.  I think I like our way better, but I can't say as I blame this gal's thinking!  LOL  =)

‘Navel fluff’ collection weighs a record 22 grams   Damn!  I want to meet the woman that might possibly married to this guy (couldn't tell or missed if it was mentioned in this article).  I think I was most surprised by this quote, “If my belly stopped producing lint tomorrow I might feel surprised but not disappointed.”  Really??  Producing the lint?  It's a belly button, not an ice machine!!!!  Gah!  Men!

Have a wonderful day!  =)

Jewell  =) xo


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Eh up! How ya doing? I love that story about the navel lint. Why is it different colours though? That definitely needed explaining.

So it looks like Obama didn't do too well in the elections then.....?!

Ron said...

Hi Jewell - I have a couple of questions.

1. I looked it up and didn't see squirrels included in the health care reform bill, but still wonder if they can be mandated to receive medical attention...somehow there's going to be a lawsuit come out of this.

2. The "fluff" guy. I noticed that the color of the fluff changes with age (view jars left to right). Is this a scientific way of telling age like counting the rings in a tree? Just asking.


Jewell said...

Annie =) Hangin' in there woman! How are you holding up? You sure are keeping busy out there! How about this? KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF! =) know...I'm lazy like our law makers. I didn't read the fucking thing either! =) However, knowing that the squirrels weren't covered makes me think they are a bunch of closed minded bigots! Squirrels deserve equal representation for their health care needs. =)

Both of you...I'm not sure if it's sad or impressive that you both noticed that the naval lint actually changed colors! LOLOL