Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Funny 11/19/10

Holy shit...this cat has got some massive balls!  LOLOL  Too Funny!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Jewell =) xo


Jenn said...

I can only imagine the alligator wasn't hungry because he probably already ate a poodle, for lunch...and decided he didn't have enough room for the cat!! LOL. OKAY...I know that sounds bad...but kudos to kitty for being brave!!

Cheers, Jenn.

Jewell said...

lmao - I don't really understand why he is so lucky, but he sure seemed to have them whipped! LOL The first one not so worried about, but the 2nd one joining the first had me worried...too funny! =)

Felinae said...

Hehehe, that Kitty showed them who the boss was. :D

poet said...

i wonder what would have happened if something other than what occured, happened? all those people standing around , would they have rescued kitty? i noticed good old NBCC as the ad before the video. i went to an NBCC college a million years ago.
have a good w/end, jewell!!

Ron said...

The cat knew that he had 8 lives left so he had nothing to lose. The alligator was avoiding coughing up hairballs.
I was more worried about the man standing too close...not smart.

Jewell said...

Fel - I know right? =) No so much what I was expecting when I started the video. =)

Poet...I thought about that too, because I know that I heard a kid in there somewhere...I know *I* would have been traumatized to see the kitty become a snack...can't imagine what a kid would think being right there. =) Have a great weekend yourself! =)

Ron, you know I noticed that guy too...I'm not really sure what the point was behind him being didn't really seem that he was doing much of anything important.... =)