Monday, October 4, 2010

Mugshot Monday 10/4/10

There really should be a caption contest for this guy's mugshot!  I couldn't help but wonder how many times this guy's mother saw this look when he was growing up!  LOL  =)

My Caption Might Be: "Crap! Busted Again!"  or "Well that didn't work out as planned!"

Would love to hear your caption ideas for this fool!  =)


Jewell =) xo


Ron said...

"Honest...I thought it was parsley?!?"

Add him to that family tree. I can't wait until you post the family reunion photos :)

Be well,

CntryJewell said...

LOL parsley? hahaha Nice! =)

Jenn said...

"I wasn't smokin' it...honest."


Cheers, Jenn.

CntryJewell said...

LOL Jenn!!