Saturday, October 30, 2010

Media Hilarity - deuxième partie (1)

Ok, so last week's Media Hilarity post seemed to be a great hit!  =)  So here is another installment.

Finding these headlines is almost as fun as creating my own post brilliance, with the exception that looking for these articles doesn't pop nearly as many brain cells as me trying to light a fire in my brain.  =) 

(1) - That would be Part Deux for those who don't love the French language as much as I do  =)

(2) - For those with queasy stomachs...I would never post an article where kittens get blown really is a safe read! 

Have a wonderful night, friends!

Jewell  =) xo


Jenn said...

Okay...the cockroaches in ones mouth for charity...YES I agree. I'd put abso-fu$&ing-lutely NONE in my mouth for any cause.

Bees on cocaine. What's next? Cracked out Bees? Metha-head bees??

These are great. Jenn.

poet said...

just wow. happy fright night w/end. you gonna dress up? hand out treats? or be like us and lock the door, turn off the lights and make like no one is home?

Jewell said...

Jenn...the next thing is crickets on pot...I mean they are infusing marijuana in all sorts of things (i.e. beer, ice cream, etc)....why not crickets? rumor has it they are good protein! =) *snicker*

Poet...happy scary weekend to you too my friend. =) no dressing up for this old gal...and we are rural enough that we don't get trick or treaters...the closest I get is that the neighbor has a haunted corn maze across the street every year so I get to watch all the cars come and go in silence! =) so I vote...make like a ghost =)

Ron said...

Hi Jewell - I hope you are doing well post surgery!

The idea that the Social Security folks called 911 without even peeking or listening for meows doesn't surprise me...sometimes I can't get them to answer the phone...walking outside and bending over is wa-a-ay more complicated.

Thanks for the post!

Be well,

Rachel Hoyt said...

Hi Jewell, I just found you through the Blog Farm. I love all the wacky news written with distinct charm! I write silly rhyming poetry and include links to the news that inspired me. Keep posting fun links like this and I'll send you a link back for free.

Rhyme Me a Smile

Jewell said...

Rachel! =) Thank you so much for the visit and the comment! I really appreciate it. I hope to get a chance to visit as soon as I get a chance to breathe!!!! =)