Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Funny 10/29/10

This is so awesome!  How inspirational and fun!  Animals continually amaze me.....

Take time out to play this weekend, my lovelies!  =)

Jewell =) xo


poet said...

isn't it amazing that those two swim together each day. animals can be great teachers by times, i think.

Jenn said...

I have seen this before and it is amazing!! Animals do amaze me and I don't think we give them enough credit for being as brilliant as they are.

I have another video for you to check out. This one moved me to tears. IT is an animal video and I shared it on my fb wall with friends. Amazing as well!

Cheers!! Jenn.

Jewell said...

Poet - you are absolutely right...everything I have ever learned I've learned from my pets and those who own other humans. =)

Jenn...I will save the link...I don't want to be moved to tears at the moment because of the ol' peepers. =)