Friday, October 22, 2010

Captain Obvious, at your service!

Hellllllllloooooooooooo!  (1)  =)  My name is Captain Obvious and I am at your service.  (2)

Actually, this post is more of a maintenance sort of thing.  In case some of you hadn't noticed there's been a bit of remodeling done about these parts.  A little paint, a little flooring, some new windows...  =)  Hope y'all like it.  If, *shrug* screw you!  =)  *snigger*

I about wigged out this past weekend when I posted this post and found out that my old theme spontaneously combusted and began blocking out some of the graphics.  (3)  No!  I don't know why!  I'm only technically smart enough to be REALLY dangerous.  =) *snort*  In any case, I've beat this stupid blog about the head and ears since I started it way back when (4)....apparently the spontaneous combustion wasn't so spontaneous after all...must have been on a slow sizzle.  *shakes fist at old blog layout*

Anywho, I put up the Friday Funny for last week, and I got no bloggy love.  *pout*  Apparently, fainting goats...not so funny to anyone else.  That's ok...I can continue to amuse myself mercilessly with that video and pretty any other video of fainting in short =-p~~~~  Pffffffft! that post I had asked the following....
Well folks, as you can see...I'm back to my usual self.  =)  I think I may have to start a Saturday blog post so that I can make up for the fact that I have sloughed off on posts on my crappy Thursdays.  I really hate Thursdays!!  Ahhh, well.  Something to consider!  =)  If you lovelies have any thoughts about me doing a Saturday post, don't hesitate to let me know in the comments, or you can email me by clicking the "Contact Jewell" link to top right under the Search box.
So I would really appreciate any feedback you guys might have with regard to the possibility of a Saturday post or even an occassional Saturday post. 

(1) - Hear Mrs Doubt Fire when you read that totally enhances the funniness of me!  If you are going to be voyeurs in my brain you are required by the unwritten laws of this blog to experience all levels of the  bullshit  insanity that I serve you on elegant blue and white, yet sturdy, paper plates.

(2) - Ummm...yeah - actually not so much...serve yourself, pee for yourself, blah blah blah....lazy punks!  Sheesh!

(3) - Be glad none of you had to witness the whole wigging out truly is something that is a cross between Hellraiser, The Exorcist, and Friday the 13th ... it's quite freakish actually.

(4) - And yes, way back when is..............June.  Seriously, this way back when for me.  If I have any level of mental recall after 10 minutes it would pretty much be a miracle to put the miracles to qualify for canonization to shame.

Have a wicked fun weekend!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


Ron said...

Hi jewell - I liked the fainting goats! Under pressure...I could relate. I like the new look as well, it''s bubbly :). I think a Saturday post would be a fine thing too. You crack me up Every day of the week.

Be well,

Jenn said...

I always try to get by and read your blogs...occassionally I get behind...*sorry*...but I am trying to go read what I missed now :)

I do like the new colors!


Jewell said...

LOL Ron - bubbly? I guess I can see that...matches my personality right? RIGHT?! =)

Jenn...40 lashes...getting behind is unacceptable behavior in a stalker. =)'re forgiven! =) See how easy I am?

(no comments from anyone in the peanut gallery about me being easy! =-p)

poet said...

easy? cheap too? no, wait, that is me. like the new colour scheme, never knew that orange went with purple, but hey seems to work here.

no comment on the fainting goats, sorry. and as far as keeping up stalking, blogrolled with update helps me alot.

saturday posts. well why not? i mean i have been switching mine up a bit, with my Saturday SnapShot. (yes i made that up--but yes, you could use it if you ask real nice).

have a happy sunday~

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Awwwwww, Jewell matey, I have been crap at commenting on your blog. Had a bit of a shit two weeks going on.

But I lurrrrvvvvvve your new blog - it's funkytastic.

Erm..... The weekend posting thing. Do you know what? I probably wouldn't do it if I was you (but it's not because I don't love you of course). The readership of my blog dips massively at weekends, because people are out doing stuff and not sat at their computers. So you would put all that effort in, and get less readers.

Hey hon, just thinking - have you got some software that gives you all the stats about your blog..... ?

Jewell said...

Awww...Annie...don't worry about it =) I know that you've been a busy little girl! =) You are forgiven (for the moment...10 minutes from now I might change my mind but you are safe right now *chuckle* =) )

Thanks for the toss on the Saturday post thing...I still haven't decided yet...but yeah, I have a couple of things tracking hits...though neither of them can agree! x) You are right...mine drop off on the weekends too. Still - it's something to think about...haven't decided yet....