Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One of those conversations

Have you ever had one of those conversations with someone?  You know the one.  It's the one that is so absolutely ridiculous you can't help but laugh to the point that people stare at you funny?  (1)  Well I had one of those moments courtesy of the husband him this past weekend. 

We decided to go to one of the few places that's worth eating at for lunch.  As we walked in we had grabbed some reading material to pass the time as this place, while the food is good, is notoriously slow in getting the food out once it's been ordered.  So we were seated and started talking about something while glancing through our reading material.  The waitress had come and gone with our drink order, and as she came back what the husband him was saying kind of trailed off so as not to be overheard.  See, typically, some of our conversations are not necessarily topics most people would consider normal dinner table conversation, so we don't generally advertise the topics when people pass by the table or wait staff continue with their duties.  This time though, the waitress puts down the drinks, asks for our order, and, when she leaves, we turn back to continue our conversation.  Rut-roh!  Seems neither of us can remember what we were talking about.  (2)

Ok, so this normal right?  I mean, I'm pretty sure most people have had those moments, where you can't remember last train of thought.  Not a big deal right?  Nah.  So the husband him tries really hard to kind of jiggle our memories by talking us through it.

Husband Him : So first you said something *pause while seeing if that jiggled a brain cell loose with the necessary information* and then I said something....

At this point I can't help it....

Me:  *snorts, guffaws, and cackles loudly with inappropriate, uncontrollable laughter*  Yeah!  That's pretty much what makes up a conversation!

I didn't care how many people were staring at us.  I was laughing so hard by this point I was bawling.  Not the husband him though.  Nope.  He tries to pass things off as cool by lowering his head so close to his real estate magazine that the it looks like he's going to start snorting the lines of newsprint at any second.  Failing that in his effort to not crack up, he then tries taking a sip of his coffee.  (3)  Unfortunately, he managed to be neither cool, calm, nor collected.  In fact, he threatened to singe his nose hairs by spewing coffee in my general direction.

My reaction?  To laugh harder...  I am totally incorrigible.  =)  Ah well, if nothing else we manage to keep ourselves amused!  =)

(1) - I mean that raucous, entirely too loud laughter for the situation or environment that forces people to stare at me in an even funnier way than they do when I'm not laughing completely inappropriately.  That kind of a laugh!  =)

(2) - Yeah - we not only have conversations most people wouldn't consider normal dinner conversation, but our conversations are so completely enthralling neither of us can remember what we were talking about before we were interrupted.

(3) - I know, right?  He couldn't have picked up the Pepsi that was sitting right there in front of him...he chooses the HOT drink!  *shakes head* MEN!

Remember folks....laughter is nothing more than a smile's orgasm!  =)  Ponder that one for a while!  =)

Jewell  =)  xo


ruairi said...

The best laughers are the snorters!!!!...EPIC cant beat a laughing fit, better than anything!!! ;-D

If I had a blog... said...

Great post Jewell - I love those moments and find myself as entertained by puzzled onlookers as the moment itself. Laughter...good. Snort laugh with projectile coffee spray...not as much :)

Jenn said...

You know I like that line..."laughter is nothing more than a smile's orgasm!"

You're still a trip Jewell.... =)

thepoetm said...

just wanted to say thanks for the laughter~

CntryJewell said...

PoetM - you are very me all sorts of warm fuzzies to be able to make people laugh =) - I thought you might be one of the stalkers that would appreciate that line! =)

Ron - yeah...the projectile coffee spray (or the threat of it) way less entertaining when you would be on the receiving end of it! =)

ruairi...laughing fits really are a fantastic release of stress! I think the pure joy of them is why you can't help but laugh when you hear a baby gets a good belly laugh rolling =)