Thursday, September 2, 2010

On strike! =-p

Hello all my loyal lovelies!  This quick and dirty post is to simply let you know that I am officially on strike for a few days.

My brain needs a break.

It's been one of those weeks where my thoughts are constantly on things that are just not funny.  Thursdays suck time out of the time/space continuum.  However, blissfully, a long weekend in the U.S. is upon us.

After her last post, Angie's ego has gotten completely out of control.  When I tried to talk to her...this is what I was confronted with.  In fact, she's informed me that she's convinced stand up is her "gig" (her word not mine), and with her ass staring routine her cornerstone bit. 

So, on top of everything else, apparently I need to find an incredibly large pin to take to her diva-ness.

The husband him has taunted me with a chance to get out of the house and take a photo day.  Since the weather is going to be luscious this weekend, I'll have to see if we can go somewhere that has decent Chinese food (in addition to something to take pictures of).  Maybe when I come back I'll share some of the pictures that may or may not get taken.  They have to be better than the pictures I can take around the yard...

Another upside to the whole getting out of the house thing...I might hear someone say something so incredibly stupid I could turn it into good rich fodder for you to feast on!  =)

I will still be around because my slave driver of a boss the husband him won't likely let me out of working, and of course I need to keep up with all the blogs I follow so I can pop in and irritate you all equally.  If you find yourself missing me sooooo much you are having withdrawl symptoms you can use the "Contact Jewell" link under the search box or you can friend me on Facebook.  =)

I won't leave you hanging though for a Friday Funny.  I have it scheduled for you, as I have a video that is so funny I couldn't avoid sharing it!

Wonderful long weekend to my U.S. stalkers.  Wonderful normal length weekend to all my International Stalkers!

Jewell  =)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time out Jewell, assuming you actually get some ;-)
G xx

YogaSavy said...

A break is always good and from I have heard the weather in the USA is hot. As for London it is beautiful and warm ........ am I making you jealous?
I miss home though (California)

If I had a blog... said...

Hey Jewell - Enjoy a well deserved long weekend. They say you should always leave them wanting more...I don't know who "They" are but it sounds like good advice.

Be well and enjoy,

Felinae said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Jewells, see ya when ya get back. :D


Jenn said...

You deserve a few days to let your mind regroup and find more material for your avid readers! Love Your Stuff...And enjoy your break! Cheers, Jenn.

CntryJewell said...

Awww...thanks Gill =) Yeah...there is always the high probability that I won't get any! =) I'm hoping for the best and if I have to beat someone about the head and ears to get a little bit I will =)


CntryJewell said...

Yoga...It has been desperately hot here.... Only within the last couple of days has it let up. This weekend is supposed to be down in the lower 80's which is practically frigid compared to what it has been! =)

Hope you are enjoying England as much as it sounds.


CntryJewell said...

Ron - Thanks for the well wishes. Not so much sure anyone is interested in hearing more from me, but hoping that I'll be able to recharge after a break. =) I think a study needs to be conducted to determine exactly who "they" are...because they sure are opinionated! =)

Fel - You are still lurking around! =) Was beginning to wonder! =) xo

Jenn - You are so awesome =) Thanks! =)


Annie (Lady M) x said...

You have a bloody great long weekend Jewell! We had one in the UK last week, but to be honest, it wasn't up to much because I am not working anyway, so it felt like any other day. How shit is that?!

See you when you get back!

CntryJewell said...

Thanks's been going well...quiet (for a change)! =)