Monday, September 27, 2010

Mugshot Monday (sorta) 9/27/10

Ok, now first I should probably clarify that "(sorta)" portion of the post title.  I am fairly certain that the picture attached to this story isn't the guy's mugshot.  Firstly because he's entirely too "chipper" in I pretty well suspect that it's a picture that is taken as a result of his occupation. (1)

Other than that there are 2 things that actually stuck out to me when I read this (2).
  1. It's the freakin' hair man.  What is this guy?  40's?  The last time I saw this stupid hair cut was on the idiot little twit Justin Beiber.  Grow up you idiot big, seriously, grow the fuck up!
  2. One word ------- masturbation.  (3)
Well, here...I'll let you check things out for yourself.... (4)

(1) - You'll understand the cryptology of that when you visit the link...I promise that my bullshit (in this one and ONLY instance) will actually make sense.

(2) - Other than the fact that this guy creeps me out to the nth degree and makes me want to projectile vomit to the point where I could probably set a world record.

(3) - One thought --------- based on this asshole's picture....pretty fucking sure he's well versed in the art of masturbation....just thinkin'! 

(4) - For those with quease prone stomachs....trash can or bucket recommended.  I will not be held responsible for blown chunks ruining computers, mouses, keyboards, monitors, super-uber-smarter-than-me-phones, etc.


Jewell  =) xo


If I had a blog... said...

Okay - teh mug shot is an eery cross-over between Justin Beiber and "Dumb and Dumber". Yikes! After reading the story I don't even know where to go after that :(

Be well,

CntryJewell said...

Oooo...Dumb and that one had completely skipped my brain process...good observation Ron! =)

Anonymous said...

I believe the kid in the report is actually THE Justin Bieber. It all makes sense.

Hey check my blog as well and be part of the many followers of my blog. By followers, I mean 6. You know what to do next.


Anyways, you just made my monday again!!!

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer said...

lol totally dumb and dumber! guess that's a good look if you want to make people laugh HA :o)

CntryJewell said...

Samurai and Patricia....glad you guys enjoyed it! =)